To be or not to be... like mum?

Filed on March 23, 2007

MOUSHUMI CHATTERJEE’S childlike looks and smile made for her screen beauty. She is also still respected in the film fraternity. Her daughter Meghaa, has inherited mum’s outspokenness and admits that though she is slim and raring to ...

face the camera today, she was once a stout youngster!

Mum Moushumi says, 'My first love till date remains cinema. Meghaa wants to be a famous model, a writer and dreams of walking the ramp, after her debut Bengali film.'

'While in college, I was slightly upset about my looks, thanks to my love of junk food,' Meghaa reveals honestly.

Moushumi feels, 'Meghaa should have been a writer. She loves writing poetry. She is a big fan of Michael Jackson and wrote a poem on him when he came to India, which was in printed in a city broadsheet. Writing is her passion.' Meghaa is also very spiritual and plans to set up a healing centre some day. Meghaa says, 'Mum has always been a friend to me. In this industry, we all need to surface on our own trail. Things were different in my mother’s time. I observe things and only then form opinions. Mum would not give me any information because she wants me to learn from my own mistakes. She wants me to find my own style of acting, dancing and emoting.'

Moushumi’s advice to her daughter: 'Stay away from hearsay and gossipmongers and put across your points in a good manner.'

Dimple, Twinkle and Rinke

The gorgeous, auburn-haired Dimple Kapadia possesses the kind of beauty that is only enhanced with age. The best looking grand mom and mother-in-law today, insists that exercise and diet is still a must!

Dimple strongly believes, 'I proved that a married woman with two kids could also make a comeback if she wanted to. One just needs to have a force in her to do so.' Her dream: 'I always wanted to see Tina (Twinkle) come up as an actress and carve a niche for herself. As for myself, I have always taken things as they come.'

Daughters Twinkle and Rinke dabbled in films till they settled for marriage and motherhood like mom. While Rinke now lives in London, Twinkle has Akshay and son Aarav, plus her home design store White Window.

Twinkle thinks her mom is the best in the world! 'She is so elegant and can carry off almost anything, even a kaftan. The way you see her, she looks exactly that way even when she has just woken up from her sleep. She has no fixed routine, she isn't prim and propah. In fact, she can be quite careless. But in spite of that, she is so beautiful.'

Dimple has a successful candle making business and is happy that, 'Rajesh (ex-hubby, superstar Rajesh Khanna) and I are still good friends and both my daughters are secure with him. We meet sometimes and I have also campaigned for him during the elections.'

Hema, Esha and Ahana

Dream Girl Hema Malini broke hundreds of hearts when she married Dharmendra! But this beauty can still give daughters Esha and Ahana a run for their money! Esha chose films whilst the shy Ahana chose to continue with further studies.

Hema wishes, 'I want to do something to empower the girl child and help Indian culture. I want to set up a dance institute. I would love to direct a movie featuring both my daughters.' Right now she’s scripting one to direct, starring Esha.

Esha raves about mom, 'She is involved with me 24x7. Our work does not stop us from spending time with each other. When I am not shooting, I spend time with her in her new apartment in Delhi. It is a pleasure seeing her going to the Rajya Sabha.' Hema is proud, 'Though Esha consults me on all important decisions both my daughters are old enough to take care of themselves.'

The moment when Esha was born remains special. 'When I saw Esha, I forgot everything else. It made me realise how incomplete my way of life was before her. At last there was someone who is all mine and whom I don’t have to share.'

Esha admits, 'My mind thinks so fast that I don’t have the time to stabilise. I just say whatever comes to mind; I presume that is me. With me, what you see is what you get. I want to do so much that I don’t think one lifetime would be enough to accomplish all of it.'

Sharmila and Soha

Sharmila Tagore or Ayesha Begum of Pataudi, the dimpled beauty, still remains a versatile actress today. She also heads the Censor Board. Husband Mansoor Ali Khan of Pataudi and she raised three kids — Saif, Soha and Saba — of which two chose to follow mom’s acting footsteps!

At 60, mum Sharmila still has attention-grabbing appeal and feels young at heart because she is curious about a lot of things. But she feels, 'I would like my daughter (Soha) to do something different from what I did earlier. I feel that the times and the understanding of life have changed and expectantly, she will do more liberated roles.'

On the other hand, Soha thinks, 'I would like to do many roles that my mother has done. Like Aradhana, Amar Prem, Mausam, etc... I want the opportunities to work with those kinds of directors that she did.'

Though initially hesitant to make films a career, Soha has been inspired by both parents. Back up from brother Saif helps her with film decisions. She admits, 'I have taken a lot of tips from my bhai, when it comes to choosing films. My mother helps a lot when it comes to accent and speech. I have done two Bengali films earlier and I spent a lot of time with her.'

Well we’re sure that after "Rang De Basanti", the Pataudi family was cheering her on loudly!

Zarina and Sana

Great screen actress Zarina Wahab is still busy with TV serials today. Married to Aditya Panscholi, she also plays mom to daughter Sana and son Sooraj which she admits, is the best part of her life!

Zarina happily recollects, 'I have been a friend to my kids. I never handed them over to servants and personally looked after them. I even took them on ghoda-gaadi (horse cart) rides just to enjoy the look on their faces. It was an enjoyable span of my life where I cooked and even did my own grocery shopping.'

On Sana in films Zarina says, 'Sana is just in her teens and has to undergo an education in acting. One should not look for her to stand out in her first film just because she is the daughter of actors Zarina Wahab and Aditya Panscholi.'

On losing "Shakalala Boom Boom" Sana says, 'This is just the commencement for me. I have a long way to go in the industry. My dreams have not come crashing down because I am not doing this film. There will be no shortage of opportunities for me in the future.'

Zarina laughs, 'When Sana wanted to enter films I had no objection provided she completed her studies first. I also told her she would have to break the news to her father on her own and take his permission. I would have liked her to do a South film though; that’s where I started out.'

Sana grins, 'I have an acting school at home itself since both my parents are awesome actors!'