1,500 Employees in Keep Al Ain Clean CampaignLana Mahdi

AL AIN - About 1,500 employees from a waste management contractor in Al Ain are participating in ‘Operation-Let’s Keep Al Ain Clean’ campaign that started on Sunday and will continue till March 10.

The campaign that is being organised by The Center of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi will continue in phases; the first phase started on February 22 and will end on February 28 while the second phase will continue from March 4-10.

Majed Al Mansouri from The Center of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi stated: “Another important objective of the this cleaning campaign beside keeping Al Ain clean is to create awareness among the public about the importance of keeping the city clean. This will encourage the residents of Al Ain city and the region to participate in this campaign in order to support the image of this oasis which has occupied an outstanding reputation regionally and internationally, and has been awarded twice as the second most beautiful city in the world in the population category,”

He added that the centre is welcoming community associations and individuals to participate in this campaign, especially students.

According to the campaign’s work plan, the city has been divided into zones and districts and the cleaning activities have been planned for each zone date wise.

The employees along with the waste management consultants will monitor the activities throughout the cleaning campaign period.

The cleaning campaign will concentrate on garbage pickup, litter picking, bin cleaning and disinfection, sand removal, green waste removal, graffiti removal etc.

The city of Al Ain divided into north and south areas for the operation of solid waste collection, transportation and cleansing services is being operated by the contractors Lavajet and MBM-Dallah respectively.

The campaign shall cover the residential areas in all the 26 districts in the north zone and 34 in the south.


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