100% Dubai fine discount: These nationalities benefited the most

Dubai Police, traffic fine discount, Indian, Pakistani, Jordanian, Iranian, 100% discount

Dubai - The scheme is now in its second edition.

By Web Report

Published: Tue 25 Feb 2020, 4:58 PM

The Dubai Police on Monday shared a break-up of the nationalities who benefited the most from their traffic fines discount initiative.

According to data shared by the police, Jordanians, Filipinos and Indians availed of the initiative the most.

Below are the details of the nationalities and the number of beneficiaries:

Jordan: 176,987

Philippines: 164,976

India: 128,553

Iran: 11,800

Lebanon: 11,086

Pakistan: 92,974

UAE: 88,146

Egypt: 35,406

Syria: 22,148

UK: 9,990

Bangladesh: 7,559

Palestine: 5,158

The Dubai Police on Monday announced that their traffic fine initiative wherein motorists can get up to a 100 per cent discount is back. The second edition of the initiative began as soon as the first edition ended on February 6 this year.

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