Viral photos capture moment waiter bonds with 91-year-old veteran dining alone


Pennsylvania - The server said the veteran told him about his life and his war stories from World War II.

By Web Report

Published: Fri 23 Aug 2019, 11:06 AM

Last updated: Fri 23 Aug 2019, 1:17 PM

Eating out at a restaurant without any company can get lonely. So, when a 91-year-old World War II veteran was dining by himself at a Pennsylvania eatery, a young server went above and beyond his duty to make the elderly man comfortable.  
Dylan Tetil, 24, who works as a server at Eat'n Park restaurant in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, is melting hearts online after his pictures with the war veteran went viral. Another diner, Lisa Meilander, was eating dinner with her family on Saturday when she noticed how Tetil dropped to one knee to take down the elderly man's order.

Meilander, a preschool teacher, was so moved by the heartwarming moment that she took photos of them and shared them on Facebook. In her post, Meilander wrote: 'The man apologised for not hearing too well. He had forgotten to put in his hearing aids. He talked about how he lost his hearing during his time in the war'.
Meilander said the server helped the man with his order before returning to the kitchen. 'After the man received his food Dylan came back to say he was on a break. He asked if he could sit with the gentleman as he ate', Meilander wrote.

Tetil, a radiology student at Westmoreland County Community College, has been working at the restaurant for three months.
Daily Mail quoted the server as saying in Trib Live, "I could tell as soon as I went up to him that he was eager to talk. I brought him out his water, and he was like, 'Please come back', and I said 'You know I will'."
Meilander shared two photos of the men engrossed in a conversation and wrote: 'With all of the negative stories about our youth today this was a breath of fresh air'. Her post has earned 235,000 likes and been shared over 69,000 times since Saturday.

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