Facebook chief Zuckerberg to urge US to update 'rules for the internet'

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San Francisco, United States - He will tell an anti-trust hearing today of his 'concerns about the size and perceived power that tech companies have'.


Published: Wed 29 Jul 2020, 2:40 AM

Last updated: Wed 29 Jul 2020, 4:50 AM

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg will tell a major anti-trust hearing Wednesday that the internet giant would not have succeeded without US laws fostering competition -- but that the rules of the internet now need updating.
"Facebook is a proudly American company," Zuckerberg said in prepared remarks ahead of the closely-watched House Judiciary Committee hearing. "Our story would not have been possible without US laws that encourage competition and innovation."
But Zuckerberg also acknowledged "concerns about the size and perceived power that tech companies have."
"That's why I've called for a more active role for governments and regulators and updated rules for the internet."
Wednesday's unprecedented hearing will also feature chief executives Tim Cook of Apple, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Sundar Pichai of Google and its parent firm Alphabet.

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