The Goddess of Small Things

Arundhati Roy’s Listening to Grasshoppers views the dynamic changes in India through the communist stream of consciousness

Review: Sharing the Stage with a Ghost

What happens when you cross Psycho with The Phantom of the Opera? You get Ghost Song. It sounds comical, even disappointing when you get to read the uninspiring lyrics.

No Child’s Play This

Gone Tomorrow is Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher thriller: it’s violent, gory and always on the lookout for trouble

A 70mm Novel

John Grisham certainly had Hollywood in sight when he wrote The Associate. You can’t blame him because he’s been there done that before with The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Client, The Runaway Jury, A Time to Kill, The Rainmaker and The Chamber.

High on A Sea of Poppies

It’s a hard habit to break after getting acquainted with the poppy flower-power generation in Amitav Ghosh’s latest book.

Classic Beauties on A Roll

The Sharjah Old Cars Club and Museum is in top gear these days, with its ‘vintage’ collection getting a new lease of life. Their badges on bonnets beam as they grin from gear to gear. Wide-eyed headlights stare at you in the sprawling hall.