Video: Man catches Dh9.5 million fish, eats it with friends

Nigeria - The fisherman didn’t know that the fish was an expensive delicacy before eating it.

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Published: Tue 16 Mar 2021, 12:54 AM

Last updated: Tue 17 Jan 2023, 9:03 AM

A Nigerian fisherman went viral on social media after he caught a fish worth Dh 9.5 million ($2.6 million) but ate it with his friends because he did not know its value.

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According to Business Insider Africa, the unnamed fisherman in the Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State caught a Blue Marlin and then shared it with members of his community.

Social media users were the ones who identified the fish and found out that it usually costs over Dh 115,000 ($31,325) per pound.

Furthermore, the females, which are significantly larger than males, can reach 14 feet in length and weigh more than 1,985 pounds, while average sizes tend to be in the range of 11 feet and 200 to 400 pounds.

The fish is not primarily intended for human consumption because it contains unhealthy amounts of mercury and other contaminants; however, their meat is considered a delicacy, particularly in Japan, where it is served raw as “sashimi.”

The blue marlin of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are more widely pursued by anglers and sport fishermen than any other marlin species.

Photo: Zion Godwin/Facebook
Photo: Zion Godwin/Facebook

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