Millionaire beggar arrested; she owns luxury car, flat: Morocco Police

Aourir - The woman would park her luxury car out of sight before begging for money.

By Web Reports

Published: Sun 14 Mar 2021, 4:09 AM

Moroccan police arrested a woman who would beg on the streets of Aourir but was actually a wealthy woman who lived a lavish lifestyle.

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According to Agadir 24, the woman owned a luxury car and lived with her mother and children in an expensive apartment in the middle of Agadir.

She decided to supplement her income by begging when she did not have enough money to maintain her lavish lifestyle because it was the easiest way to make money without getting tired.

Preliminary investigations had found that she would often park her luxury car out of sight and don shabby clothes before begging.

Concerns over the ‘millionaire beggar’, as the people of Agadir called her, were first raised on social media.

Reporters quickly contacted her neighbours, who said they had no knowledge of the full extent of the woman’s activities, but were mildly suspicious of her.

Photo: Reuters file
Photo: Reuters file

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