Closer to the action
Zoom in on your subject well with Sony’s new Cyber-shot offering
Your Film Fix
Check out your movie trivia quotient and win a prize!
Zapped by Apps
Following up on our smart piece 10 Ways to Use Your Smartphone Smartly last week, get a load of apps that will (at least) not turn you into a tapping, side-swiping walking zombie. Here are few picks that will help you build confidence, be mindful, evolve your collective consciousness, help in self-growth, or just learn more stuff.
Grand entrance
Looking for a good entry-level camera? The Nikon D3300 has the right shots
Have your fill, really
Can’t get enough of Samsung features? The Galaxy S5 will give you a lot more
What's hot
The buzz from all over the world, right here!
Photo editing at a shot
So you’ve managed to pull your phone, phablet or tablet (gasp) out and capture a stunning sunset or that friendly neighbourhood myna in flight.
The Scandinavian Movement
The brand’s best seller — the 2014 Volvo XC60 2.0 T5 R-Design — returns this year with poise and a performance-pegged personality
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