‘Theatre is my life’
Festival Director of the Short+Sweet Dubai Theatre Festival, Theatre Director and Acting Coach Elizabeth “Liz” Hadaway on acting and dung beetles
Light and Ready to Fight
Smaller is bigger with the Jabra Stealth and Storm
Terminal Madness
Why airports in Europe are losing the plot
A Nose for Smells
I usually start by smelling the base note of the fragrances I created the day before. Then I smell them again so they’re fresh on my mind and start to work on a better interpretation of them.
'Anyone who does okay in life should give back'
George Davies, Creator and Designer of FG4 London, on staying ahead of the game
What’s hot
The buzz from around town
Making dreams come true
I do a lot of running around sourcing materials and elements for my brides.
‘It’s okay to say no to things’
Radio 2 presenter Daisy Clarkson — on being obsessed with the temperature, and loving the UAE’s eat out scene
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