Bagua is where it all begins
Our columnist Larra Shah will help you solve problems related to your health, wellness, relationships and professional success, through Feng Shui and Colour Therapy. Send in your questions to, with the subject line as ‘Ask the Expert’. Every month, one winner will win a personal consultation with Larra and gift vouchers worth Dh2,000, courtesy Homes R Us.
Who needs the sea?
Scuba-diving is all about coral reefs and colourful fish, right? Not always. South Africa is full of caves, caverns, sinkholes and quarries that are great fun to explore, whether you’re a snorkeler, an entry-level diver or a hardcore techie. Lynne Fraser lets you in on a few secrets
“I believe in enjoying what I do”
I believe that dedication and hard work are the keys to success.
The surprise test
For those who were on to us many moons ago and those who may be making their late-bird entries now, this is what we do here. There are three sections with the first one called…
Putting on her dancing shoes
Happywitchie blogger Reeta is wonderfully tongue-in-cheek. NEED WE SAY MORE?
Travel accessories
Travel essentials to make the trip that much more enjoyable
'Art must be appreciated'
I find reading very important in order to switch off. It’s also something that allows me to immerse myself in another world for a while
“My life is just dandy”
PR guru, novelist and blogger Alexander McNabb gets descriptive
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