‘I love the art scene in the UAE’
Danielle Nay, The managing director of Transformers, a specialist event supplier, talks about life, travel, et al
Never Let Failure be an End
I work in a fast-paced fashion centric industry, which is dynamic and ever changing.
‘I need to make more me-time’
Fashion designer and ambassador for City Walk’s most recent style event, ‘A Stylish Affair’, Buffi Jashanmal on remembering to breathe and not burn out!
Feel the Wind in Your Face
Andrew Marshall packs his puncture repair kit and pedals off in New Zealand to discover volcanic landscapes, gushing geysers, tumbling glaciers and rugged coastlines backed by a prehistoric rainforest.
‘Work Hard... and Get it Done’
Catchphrase: ‘What is?’ Cultures are often pigeonholed and then dismissed; with us, people can’t fully define us because we are continually pushing our boundaries, which is why we like this catchphrase.
Zapped by Apps
Airports, cafés and even top-notch hotels often charge for wireless access, and with international data roaming at rip-off prices, the best solution is something like Boingo.
‘Don’t Listen to Paradigms’
Part-Time Producer/ DJ Devon Kosoko aka dvn gets tongue-in-cheek about moving to a new city and, of course, life
‘Laughter is my energy booster!’
To be kissed and become a prince! That would be an amazing job.
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