Your teen’s skin beauty
It’s hard to know how to advise your teen daughter/cousin/niece on how 
best to start caring for her skin. Teenage skin — much like the age itself — is a minefield. So we’ve put together an effective, 
easy-to-follow skincare routine to help avoid (or treat) potential pitfalls
Lifestyle of rich and famous: Bill Gates
If Forbes is compiling one of their Wealthiest People lists, you know he’s going to be on it. The co-founder of Microsoft dropped out of Harvard to start his own computer software company with Paul Allen — and has been laughing his way to the bank ever since.
'I believe in cartoon therapy'
Eve Jaso, a presenter for Channel 4, gets candid this weekend
High achiever
Sara Al Mheiri is one of a kind: this ambitious and motivated Emirati makes the best of the opportunities afforded to her, becoming a role model for other young nationals, and broadening her life and career horizons all at the same time
“Your strongest asset is your mind”
Saygin Yalcin, founder of, muses out loud about quantum physics, good deeds and everything in between
“Be human at work”
Shyam Sunder, Head of Marketing, Centrepoint, Landmark Group
Lifestyle of rich and famous: Madonna
Pop star Madonna has invested her pounds in expensive pieces of art, cars and a townhouse in Manhattan
' I fail to take a full day off every week'
Kemsley Dickinson, Artistic Director of the The Courtyard Playhouse, belts out his witty rejoinders
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