“It’s our duty to better others’ lives”
Richard Branson’s got a great attitude and doesn’t take life too seriously, which I believe is the key to success and happiness
Water, the life force
Water is the first of the five elements that we will get to know in detail — by using the principles of classical Feng Shui.
“I’m learning how to attain a state of bliss”
Sarah Bladen, founder of wellness company On Cloud Zen, prefers to strive for progress, not perfection
“Work is Worship”
On role models: The Dubai ruler’s vision fascinates me. Warren Buffett is a model investor. Nelson Mandela is an epitome of courage and forgiveness
Different strokes
Samia Saleh is the woman behind many of the famous artworks and installations you see around town, but this local entrepreneur has many other facets to her
“My work gives me the ability to change lives”
I believe it is important that we must ALWAYS — whatever WE do — deliver our best efforts and BE committed and inspired in everything
The Blundering Bard
Okay moving on to analogies now. You know how it works, right? Here’s an example: NOSE is to SMELL as EAR is to? … and the answer is HEAR. Here are eight more in increasing order of difficulty. If you get even four right send it in.
“I’m pretty content with my life, and all its ups and downs”
Shant Oknayan, CEO and co-founder of gets candid this weekend
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