Travel accessories
Travel essentials to make the trip that much more enjoyable
'Art must be appreciated'
I find reading very important in order to switch off. It’s also something that allows me to immerse myself in another world for a while
“My life is just dandy”
PR guru, novelist and blogger Alexander McNabb gets descriptive
“Success is being open-minded”
A role model would be a person who follows their dreams to make the lives of others better
Your teen’s skin beauty
It’s hard to know how to advise your teen daughter/cousin/niece on how 
best to start caring for her skin. Teenage skin — much like the age itself — is a minefield. So we’ve put together an effective, 
easy-to-follow skincare routine to help avoid (or treat) potential pitfalls
Lifestyle of rich and famous: Bill Gates
If Forbes is compiling one of their Wealthiest People lists, you know he’s going to be on it. The co-founder of Microsoft dropped out of Harvard to start his own computer software company with Paul Allen — and has been laughing his way to the bank ever since.
'I believe in cartoon therapy'
Eve Jaso, a presenter for Channel 4, gets candid this weekend
High achiever
Sara Al Mheiri is one of a kind: this ambitious and motivated Emirati makes the best of the opportunities afforded to her, becoming a role model for other young nationals, and broadening her life and career horizons all at the same time
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