Living for Change
Monja Wolf, founder of non-profit organisation Monyati Initiatives, on aligning her personal goals with supporting global communities in need
Rich and famous: Justin Bieber
has long fought critics to become the $160 million rich kid he is today.
Lifestyles of Richard Branson
Meet the man with the Midas touch, intrepid entrepreneur Richard Branson, whose life and career is much more than losing his Virgin-ity!
“I’m a city girl”
Rima Khoreibi, founder of Micaroon Makeup, on her love for dancing and the easygoing life... and being alive 24/7
Dress to Impress
TV anchor and make-up vlogger Aishwarya Ajit believes life is too short to spend it looking plain!
Oprah Winfrey
She’s come a long way, from being poverty-ridden to North America’s only black billionaire, according to Forbes.
“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes”: Mohit Malhotra
Mohit Malhotra, CEO of Dabur International, on life and living it well
Life styles of the rich and famous
John Mayer
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