Brunch with a view
Let us help you decide your weekend dine-out options
New Year's Recipes
Welcome the New Year with these chic options, French Riviera-style
Kitchen Classics
Go all out for the festive season this weekend
A Culinary Trip to Canton
Shanghai Surprise at Al Diar Capital Hotel steers clear of all Chinese restaurant stereotypes, and serves up fare that hits all the right notes
Brevity, the soul of food
Kebab Bistro at Al Wasl Plaza offers a short-spread Parsi buffet every weekend. It’s authentic, fresh — and a victory for ‘keeping it simple
Grab those chopsticks, go Chinese
Delicious Indulgences
To make a macaron
A hand-held guide to the art of making the French dessert that probably went to a Swiss finishing school
Slim Pickings
Four fresh, fabulous and flab-free delights
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