A fine balance
In Feng Shui, the element of the west and northwest corner is metal, symbolised by any metal element, round stones, snow capped mountains and all things that are metallic.
Back in action
The Z3 could just BB the one for you…
The Eastside Luxury Franchise
The venture began with the original Genesis model that first went on sale in 2008; which by all means was a fine car; it even won the coveted ‘North American Car of the Year’ accolade in 2009, but it exuded a certain old-man vibe — a negative even when you are trying to sell it to retirees.
The dark side of technology
The other is this new NFC tattoo you get… to unlock your phone! And you thought selfies were bad!
The Hearty Hatchback
The long-standing name in hatchback history returns in 2014 with the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI SEL, a spring in its stride and more German quality
All in a snap
Sony’s RX100 III will show you small is big
Apps for the season
Eid is almost here and it’s time to start drafting those messages and wishes — here are a host of apps helping you send festive greetings, write personalised “handwritten” notes, or just mash up a short music video on your phone featuring your special moments of the season!
The Specialist Crossover
Mercedes-Benz proposes to keep a large slice of the sales pie with their formidable, restyled and reengineered mid-size luxury, the 2014 ML 500 SUV
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