Keeping the spirit
Get accurate prayer times, texts and translations of the Holy Quran, essential prayers and Ramadan inspiration from our picks.
Subterranean Sojourn
Feel the high of exploring the incredible underground wonderland that is the Wieliczka salt mine in KRAKOW, stretching nine levels beneath the earth
The beef with beef
In most parts of India, cow slaughter is banned; yet, Indian beef is considered one of the best. Examining the paradox
Designed to be driven?
The 2014 BMW 435i is the awakening of the fourth generation of BMW’s all-new sporty mid-size coupe; the demise of the 3-Series coupe
All-in-one delight
Print, scan, copy and fax, and save as well, with HP’s new Ink Advantage printer
Shop without dropping!
We’ve given you apps to plan your commute effectively, kill time productively, and catch up on the latest football World Cup action.
Corolla: The Asian Conqueror
The world’s best-selling car banks on reliable mechanicals and new-found styling to keep it rolling out the product lines in great numbers
Ease @ a click
I’ve always thought of Dubai as the city with, perhaps, the max number of creature comforts (maybe it’s turning us into spoilt brats).
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