ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 apps
The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup has begun and although the games are happening halfway across the world at ungodly hours, there’s no reason why smartphone-toting cricket fans can’t keep up with all the action. Here are some of our picks to keep you updated on all the games and your favourite teams during this World Cup
Grim Reapings
January and early February have been no spring season in Bollywood, with the year’s first releases getting a poor reception
Fake it to Make it
Founded by Matthew Homann and Kyle Tabor, Invisible Boyfriend allows to create a realistic virtual boyfriend who texts, calls and even leaves behind voicemails.
The Fine Art of Doing Nothing
Malta is an archipelago of a few islands, of which only three are inhabited: Valletta, the capital city; Gozo; and Comino.
Plateful of Memories
The state prides itself for its clean, green, fresh produce, zealously protecting its farms, orchards and vineyards against fruit flies and pests.
A Break from the Usual
Dual-screen smartphone? Here’s the YotaPhone 2
Digital Love
With hundreds of eye-catching and customisable designs to choose from, skip the run-of-the mill Valentine’s Day cards this year and send your love a personalised greeting via e-mail or text with Red Stamp.
Take Note
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 makes you switch to a bigger device and the next level
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