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My Work is My O2
I love listening to my son talk about his day at school — he has so many amazing stories to share, I can never get tired of listening to his prattle.
Hair Today, Gain Tomorrow
Losing our locks is a big issue for most of us out here in the UAE, but what can you do to curb the big fall — is it nutrition or external hair care? We get on either side of the debate
The Asphalt Ripper
Mercedes-Benz’s all-new miniature sedan turns up the heat before summer sets in —blessed with the world’s most potent turbo-2 by AMG and all-wheel drive, it WAs born to make hearts race
What’s hot
Events, brands and personalities
Passion and Dedication are Key
The one thing I can’t do without is my team — they are my pillars to whom I attribute much of Shoe Mart’s success.
Street Style
People from around town making style statements loud and clear
Aim for Infinity and Beyond!
My work is a relentless journey in pushing boundaries, bringing innovative research ideas to execution, and helping students invest their mental energies to make sense of what they are learning.
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