A Touch of Evil
Paris is known as the City of Light… But then, it has its flip side, an amusingly macabre underbelly that Erik Heinrich stumbles upon
‘Smile and make others smile’
Hesham Malik, Prague-based artist, on loving life, painting in the dark and burgers!
Women on top
India’s financial services sector has been highly proactive in empowering women to take up the highest positions in the industry
“I think of work as a football game”
I think about the progress of the day. I think about the meetings that I will be having. I think about how to improve my company, and myself, and what strategies I need to plan for the future.
Check out street style savvy denizens!
People from around town making style statements loud and clear
‘Be generous with compliments’
Rohini Gehani, founder of Rivaage Boutique, on good deeds and a secret wish for Iron Man’s powers
Cosseted by the Coupe
Lexus is reaching out to the fashionably young by reintroducing a 2-door sports coupe; and it’s banking on time-proven quality and bodacious styling to sell. Who wants a piece of the 2015 Lexus RC 350?
Sincerely Believe In What You Do
A majority of my work at CIMA involves nurturing and equipping young talent with essential business and finance skills who can contribute not just to their organisation’s success, but also to the progress and growth of the UAE’s economy.
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