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Friday, April 26, 2013

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I  am 13 years old, and have been suffering from hair fall and dandruff. My hair has become very thin as well. Also, ever since my mother gave birth to my sister and me, she has developed pigmentation on her cheeks and dark circles. She has tried many creams, but nothing has worked. Please provide a solution to both our problems.

— Anagha

A thick mask of coconut milk mixed with almond powder will fix both pigmentation and dark circles. Ask your mom to apply this everyday for quick results.  For your hair, I suggest making a mix of  warm coconut and castor oil, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and a pinch of  black pepper powder. Massage it into the scalp twice a week, and leave overnight. This mask will help reduce dandruff, as well as improve the quality of the hair, giving it body, and making it healthy.

I  am an 11-year-old schoolgirl, and I have a problem of hair fall, nits and lice. I also have hairy arms and legs which I would like to fix without the use of blades. Please suggest a vegetarian remedy for my problems.

— Henna

I suggest you treat your hair with a mix of 1 tablespoon almond oil and 9 drops of tea tree oil. Leave it overnight, and only use a herbal shampoo to wash it the next day. Use a fine tooth comb to extract the nits. For hair removal, waxing is a good solution, and you can have it done at any good salon.

I am a 15 year old suffering from acne. You can rule out possible causes like dandruff, spicy food, and insufficient intake of water, as that I take care of. A lot of my friends wear make-up and cover up their blemishes with concealers, but I am not too keen on that. I would prefer a natural solution, and have also tried tea tree oil, but it didn’t work. Please tell me what I can do.                         

-Name withheld

A cinnamon-honey mask applied 
daily and left overnight will help 
cure your acne problem as well as 
help brighten your skin and shrink pores. You won’t need to cover up 
with make-up.

I have always been a big fan of your  columns, and was wondering where I can buy your book from. Please guide me. Also, I have dark spots on both sides of my face, and want to get rid of them. Kindly suggest a remedy. 

-Name withheld

Thank you for your interest in my book — Simply Beautiful, A Beauty Encyclopedia. You can send me an email with your order to For your dark spots, I suggest a mask made with strawberries, applied daily, will help lighten them.

I have a 14-year-old daughter, who has a lot of visible dead nits in her hair that make  her very conscious. Request you to kindly suggest a remedy, since I have tried many, including medicated lotions, but nothing has worked.


Massage tea tree oil in your daughter’s hair, and leave it overnight. Make sure you wrap a thin muslin turban, to keep the oil in place. Next morning, run a very fine-toothed comb through the length of her hair, parting gently to extract the nits. This process is time consuming but very effective!  

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