Lightening cuticles
Rima Soni
Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I am 26 years old and need your valuable advice. I have black marks around the cuticles of my toenails, which may have occurred due to closed shoes. — Name withheld

Dark marks around toes can be lightened first by avoiding the use of tight, closed shoes. If you wish to lighten the cuticles of the toes, rub the skin of a lemon on the dark cuticles and leave overnight daily. The lemon oil will nourish and lighten the skin.

I have been reading your column for the last six months and using some of your remedies, which have helped me a lot. I’ve been having pimples over the last year though I had a clear face even during my teens. I’ve been using your remedy of tomato juice mixed with honey and oats powder, which worked very well. But the pimple marks won’t go. Can you suggest a remedy to get rid of these marks?

— Kavitha Shyam

Scars left by pimples can be lightened by applying a few drops of potato juice and Vitamin E oil in equal proportion over the spots. Leave overnight and continue with the tomato juice, honey and oats during the day. I am glad you were happy with the tomato mask.

I am 13 and have hair growth on my upper lip. Since I am not allowed to wax, can you please help me?

— Asfia

My most successful home remedy for natural hair removal is to mix equal proportions of cane sugar and corn flour to egg white or rice starch. Apply this sticky cream to dry skin over the lip. Scrub off when dry. Do this three times a week to correct the facial hair.

I am 30 years old and have a daughter who is now four. I have stretch marks on my stomach and never knew they could be removed. Please advise.

— Riya Joseph

Stretch marks can be lightened if well nourished with coconut oil. Apply twice daily and you will see the stretch marks disappear.

I am a 23-year old male suffering from hair fall for the last three years. I’ve used so many products and injections but in vain. What do I do? I also have dandruff.

— Zulfikar Ali

The hair fall in your case is due to dandruff. Take 2 tbsp sour yoghurt and add 1 tbsp lemon juice. Massage this into the scalp. Leave on for an hour. Shampoo off with a rich herbal shampoo. Brush hair daily and drink 8-10 glasses daily as well.

I am 21 years old and a regular reader of your column. I started experiencing a pricking and irritating sensation in a certain part of my body about three years back. Over the years, that part has become extremely dark (almost black). I don’t expose it to the sun. I am very shy to consult a doctor because people may look down on me as though it was my own fault. Please give me a remedy with results. I’m really depressed.

— Name withheld

Let me start by saying that you must not be depressed because there is a solution for everything. Avoiding sun, especially between the peak hours of 11.30am and 3pm is best. Even when you go out, use a sun block of minimum 30 SPF. Apply a thick papaya puree mixed with almond powder or rice flour to the area. Keep on for 30 minutes. Scrub off and follow with a chilled water splash. Your skin will return to being bright and healthy.

(Rima Soni is a Dubai-based beauty consultant. After the success of her first book, Simply Beautiful, she is now working on her second. Write to her at )

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