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Japan’s chrysanthemums: More than symbol of autumn
Like the cherry blossom, the chrysanthemum, called “kiku” in Japanese, symbolizes the season, but more than that, it’s a symbol of the country itself.

Terracotta Army: The world's great wonders
More than 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots and 670 horses form this vast, life-size Terracotta Army, protecting China’s first emperor in the afterlife

Yellowstone National Park: Out of the ashes
Bison and wolves roam this wonderland of mountains, waterfalls and plains. Feeding the hot springs of the Yellowstone national park in Montana is one of Earth’s largest supervolcanoes 
— and it’s still active

Taj Mahal: Triumph of Love
The Taj Mahal, considered the most beautiful building in the world and said by its creator to have made the sun and moon shed tears, is the jewel in India’s crown