Melbourne ranks top as most pleasant city to live in

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Jazzing it up in New Orleans
Brass bands and sumptuous Southern food are the order of the day in New Orleans

The Big Rift
The world’s largest rift system stretches 6000km from the Red sea down to lake Malawi. Up to 75km wide in places, it’s cradled by a series of cliffs, rising from the valley floor to the top of the highest escarpments, up to 1.6km above

Austin Translation
We venture to the proudly weird Texan capital to find a mellow city awash with ideas

Enigma of Easter Island: Checking out the moai
A collection of enigmatic statues — each weighing 13 tonnes and over 10m tall — moved without the aid of wheels or animals. Yet these iconic figures were blamed for the virtual collapse of Easter Island’s civilisation…