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Al Ain welcome Gyan in style

14 February 2012

AL AIN - Hundreds of Al Ain fans surprised Al Ain football first team player, Asamoah Gyan, at Al Ain Airport as he arrived at 2:20am on Monday, coming from Guinea on a private airplane on his own costs, a media release said.

Al Ain fans celebrated the arrival of their favourite team scorer in the airport, expressing their happiness for his arrival which pleased him and make him feel the warmth of the city he loves. He expressed his faithfulness by coming directly and quickly to Al Ain as he finished his duties with his national team in the African Nations Cup, on a private airplane and on his own costs.

Celebrating and welcoming him back made him forget the travel exhaustion.  Al Ain fans organised a cars procession after his car from Al Ain airport to his house in the Al Shuaibah area. After he got home he again went out, expressing his gratitude and appreciation for his fans and the unforgettable welcoming he received.

Gyan said: “The fans surprised me and it is hard to express my feeling at that moment by words. I have never received such welcoming and never had the same feeling. I’m really happy for my team also because they kept on top of the standings. I was checking continuously Al Ain football first team news when I was away. All my friends and my family members became even attached to Al Ain team.

“In fact, I was away of the club by body only, but my heart and soul stayed here in Al Ain. I was really happy for the last two victories after leaving the President’s Cup championship and losing one match in the league. Truly, I expected people are asleep at this time, but I was surprised with this big number waiting for me in the airport. I can’t words to thank Al Ain fans. I felt big love that I feel only within my family.”  

About the private airplane he came on board to Al Ain, he said: “After finishing my duties with my national team, I checked the Etisalat Pro League timetable and I found that there was an important match during this week for Al Ain, and it was the only way to catch this match is to have a private airplane. I’m a professional player and I should serve my club and do my work as it should be.”

About missing penalty kicks in some decisive and big matches, he said: “It is hard for a footballer to miss a penalty kick, but it happens in big championships as we saw in football history and it is destiny to shot a penalty kick in a decisive time. At these moments they have double responsibility.

“Many feelings simultaneously strike the players as they shot penalty kicks at this moment. In addition, he feels afraid of losing an ideal chance; it is a matter of luck mostly. For me losing this penalty kicks increase my will and determination to change the image of some people’s view about the player who missed a penalty kick, so I show my best and follow my ambitions and aspirations.”

Gyan concluded addressing: “I thank you all for everything you have done to me since I joined Al Ain. I’m back again to Al Ain again. I missed my colleagues. I came back to complete the challenge we started this season. I wish we keep on top of the standings until the end of the season and winning the title is so important for us as players and as a city along with those great fans.”

Mohamed Obeid Hammad, Al Ain football first team supervisor, said Gyan’s return on a private airplane is exceptional and coming from his sense of responsibility towards his team.

“It is good to see a player in your team with ideal traits like willingness to defend the name of his team. We are proud of having a player like him in our team. He actually proved to everyone that he is an example of a good professional footballer.

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