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Court Round-Up

Wadeema’s tormentor gets four more months in jail
Court sentences woman to to four additional months for verbally abusing two police officers at the prison.
Man on trial ‘for robbing bank client of Dh55,000’
The defendant allegedly snatched the money from the complainant’s pocket with the help of another accused.
Policeman in dock on bribery charges
The Emirati officer allegedly asked for a bribe of Dh5,000 for not issuing a Dh10,000 fine to the complainant, but settled for Dh3,000.
Man molested female colleague, court hears
The woman said she complained to the company’s Human Resources department and was told that the defendant would be punished.
Ministry employee charged with forging salary certificate for loan
A police lieutenant quoted the accused as admitting that he had forged the documents as he had financial obligations towards other banks.
Bank teller in Dubai embezzled Dh326,557
The accused had the power to open accounts without getting the branch operation manager’s approval. He left the country in September 2009.
Labourer jailed for trespassing into villa, molesting woman in Dubai
A labourer who had been involved in many trespassing and molestation cases was sentenced to three months in jail on Thursday in one case.
Couple forced teenaged daughter into prostitution
The couple, who was in the country on a visit visa, was charged with human trafficking in the Court of First Instance.
Woman gets one year jail for false parentage claim
The Emirati housewife was accused of forging a document which she claimed was issued from the Ajman Sharia Court.
Clerk denies kidnap, molestation charges
The defendant allegedly followed the complainant as she was walking back home late one night and forcefully dragged her into his car, where he allegedly kissed her.
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