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Court Round-Up

Bank manager and wife charged with embezzling Dh34 million
They are accused of allegedly forging business transactions with 11 managers of different companies.
Students charged with peddling, trafficking 42,600 Tramadol pills
The two students were arrested on New Year’s day with a large quantity of the mind-altering substance which they allegedly intended to sell.
Facebook romance turns into ‘blackmail’ as girl’s parents reject proposal
The boy is is accused of blackmailing the girl by asking her to continue with their relationship or face having her photographs circulated on Facebook.
Labourer accused of groping woman on Dubai Metro escalator
The enraged victim shouted at the accused, drawing the attention of the passers-by. The police were called in, who arrested the suspect.
Part-time teacher admits to molesting 7-year-old girl
The 30-year-old Bangladeshi accused is believed to have taken advantage of the victim’s young age to molest her.
Manager accused of stealing Dh1.5m worth of gold
The jewellery was placed under seizure in a commercial case battle dating back to 2009 between two jewellery companies.
‘Paralysed’ man gets Dh300,000 compensation for faulty treatment
He went for a procedural medical examination to obtain a disability permit and was told that he was not suffering from paralysis.
Sponsor charged with faking employee’s signature
The defendant, who was the sponsor of the employee at the time of the incident, allegedly committed the forgery in May last year.
Woman on trial over threatening ex-friend in Dubai
The accused claimed during investigation that she did not know whether she had sent any message to the dentist’s mobile phone.
Couple jailed for robbing trader in Dubai
A 40-year-old Lebanese housewife, who incited her husband to come from Beirut to Dubai for the sole purpose of robbing large amounts of cash and valuables from her elderly sponsor, was sentenced to five years in prison by the Court of First Instance on Thursday.
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