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Court Round-Up

Student held for ‘cultivating poppy seeds near his home’ in Sharjah
A drug enforcement police official testified that an informant gave a tip-off to the Sharjah Police’s Anti-Narcotics department about the illegal activity.
Labourer accused of molesting girl in shop in Dubai
The 33-year-old Bangladeshi man allegedly lured the two siblings away from their parents to hug and hold them tightly and touch them inappropriately.
Student admits to being a prostitute since he was 12
A 22-year-old student reportedly admitted to the police upon his arrest that he had been working as a prostitute since he was 12.
Engineer accused of forging tenancy contract
He is charged with helping and abetting a Pakistani runaway accomplice in forging and using a forged official document.
Man accused of using friend’s driving licence
The manager admitted during the investigation that he was driving his friend’s car when the accident occurred and that the licence he showed then was his friend’s
Fake cop kidnapped, molested student, court hears
The accused denies charges, claims he caught the victim along with her friend in an immoral act outside his house.
Worker’s lawsuit demanding compensation for injury at work site dismissed
The court said the employer will be held responsible only for compensating his employees in cases of injuries at work places taking place as a result of the former’s fault.
Woman’s plea to make husband pay hospital charges dismissed
The court records showed that the plaintiff has an insurance card and she should have sought treatment from a hospital which is included in her insurance company’s network.
Man sentenced to death for murdering boss in Ajman
The accused stabbed the owner of a maintenance company after confronting him regarding delayed salaries and work affairs.
Two sentenced to death over police officer’s murder
The two perpetrators, both in their 20s, had been arrested within 48 hours of the crime on February 11, 2011 in Rashidiya.
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