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Court Round-Up

Corporal jailed, suspended from service for taking bribe
A 30-year-old police corporal has been sentenced to two years in prison for taking Dh3,000 in bribe from a motorist.
Clerk accused of posting bogus ads to con people of money
The 23-year-old Pakistani is also accused of forging two entry permits which he claimed were issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.
Maid’s death: Woman jailed for 15 years
Woman's torture caused severe injuries to the Ethiopian maid, which got infected due to lack of medical treatment and led, along with other factors, to her death.
Three maids accused of robbing sponsor of Dh35,500, electrical appliances, valuables
While two accused are still at large, the third defendant denied a theft charge in the Court of First Instance.
Tourist cleared of molesting waitress
A tourist was cleared of the charge of molesting a hotel waitress by the Court of First Instance on Monday on the grounds of being mentally ill.
Drunk bus driver tried to rape woman at late hour, court told
He faced charges including attempted rape, theft, assault, use of liquor without licence, and using a bus without the permission of the Emirates Transport Authority in the Court of First Instance.
Teenager convicted of molesting Twitter friend
According to court records, the victim, who is not yet 15, befriended the accused over social networking site ‘Twitter’ and they started dating each other secretly.
Man gets life term for murder of compatriot businesswoman over debt
The 50-year-old Filipino businessman had stabbed the victim several times before pushing her off his flat window, after which he went down to stab her again.
Mechanic cleared of murdering air hostess
The 30-year-old Tunisian defendant denied using his “martial arts skills” to overpower his Japanese girlfriend, an air hostess, and throttling her.
PRO in dock over forging employment contract
The 50-year-old designer said that he had a company for about 20 years and the PRO had been working in the company for four years.
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