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Alert witness helps foil robbery bid

Amira Agarib / 24 September 2012

Puncturing a car tyre to rob a bank customer who withdraws a large amount of money is a tried and tested trick of robbers. But two African suspects ran out of luck in their attempt on a bank client who withdrew Dh680,000 when an alert witness called the police hotline in time.

A police patrol team arrived on the scene in Naif area and arrested them, though they sprayed pepper powder in the cops’ eyes and tried to flee.

alert_khaleejtimesBrigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Dubai Police, said the Operations Room received a call on toll-free 800243 from a woman on September 19. She said while she was waiting in the car for her husband near a bank, she spotted two African men puncturing a tyre of a car parked nearby. The police responded immediately.

When the bank customer came out of the bank carrying a yellow envelope, seemed to be containing money, the two suspects followed him. As he got inside his car and tried to drive away, he realised that he had got a flat tyre.

When he stepped out and opened the boot to change the tyre, one of the suspects opened the right front door and took away the envelope and tried to escape. As the cops who were already around chased them, they sprayed pepper powder but were captured.

The bank customer thanked the police and the woman, who reported the robbery attempt in time, profusely.

On frisking the suspects and searching their car, the police found binoculars, a small knife and a plastic bag containing a paper. The police found out that the suspects, A.B. and K.H.S., had entered the country on tourist visas and rented a car to rob bank customers.

They have been referred to the Public Prosecution.


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