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Maid serves food mixed
with pee to family

Amira Agarib / 23 May 2012

The Dubai Police have referred an Asian housemaid to the Dubai Public Prosecution for allegedly pouring urine into the food of the family that employed her.

A UAE national family informed the police after they noticed the housemaid acting strangely. The police found out that the maid was putting her own urine in the food and juice as she thought it would put the family under her control.

Giving details of the case, Major Ahmed Humaid Al Marri, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, said the maid’s sponsor lodged a complaint after they noticed a strange smell in the tea and salads. The family confronted the maid, but she claimed not to know the reason for the smell. The family also noticed some drops of urine in the basins and on the bathroom floor after the maid had entered, which also raised their suspicion.

A police team went to the house and after searching the maid’s room, they found a bottle containing a yellow liquid. When asked, she confessed that it was her urine. She was taken to the Al Rashidiya police station.

She confessed that since joining the family four months previously, she had been putting urine in food and drinks. According to beliefs in her home country, by putting urine in the food she would be able to control the family and receive a higher salary.

Despite noticing the strange smell, the family continued to eat the food prepared by the maid.

Major Al Marri said the maid admitted to using the same method in another GCC country, claiming that the tactic worked. She was confident that it would work this time too.

He said she had been charged with endangering people’s lives.


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