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Stop Over For A Good Bargain

23 September 2012

Enroute to Fujairah from Sharjah or Dubai is the Souq Al Juma or the Friday Market as it is popularly known. Situated on either side of the road, the colourful stalls filled with the seasonís freshest of fruits and vegetables, handicrafts, clay pots of different shapes and hues, and plant nurseries nestle cosily under the Masafi mountains.

One can get a good bargain on carpets here. Coming from different countries with various weaves and knots, these carpets are quite popular not only for their quality but also for the prices.

The origins of the Friday Market are shrouded in mystery since nothing much has been written about it. However, legend has it that decades ago three Emirati farmers used to come to the mosque and after Friday prayers would unload their trucks and sell the produce from their farms by the roadside. Gradually, stalls came up and the area started becoming popular.

There wouldn’t be a vehicle that passes the area without a stop at the Friday Market, says KT photographer M Sajjad as he visits the area for a good bargain.


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