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Holiday confusion on the Milad Al Nabi

(A reader, by email) / 12 January 2014

Once again there is confusion on the Milad Al Nabi Holiday, which actually falls on Monday January 13th, but a few people will get their holiday on Saturday, some on Sunday and a few unfortunate will not get any holiday.

I am working with a major bank. Since we are back-office employees, we work five days a week and get our normal off on Friday and Saturday. Branch and other operational staff work six days a week and are off only on Friday.

When the Central Bank announces holidays for the banking sector on Saturday, the corporate bankers and other back-office banking industry employees who already have their Saturdays off, get fully ignored and lose their holidays.

This had happened to us at the time of the UAE National Day when many UAE nationals as well as expatriates working in back-office did not get any holiday.

Secondly, if it is acceptable to change the holidays for the UAE National day, Islamic Hijra New Year, Prophet’s Birthday, etc., then why we didn’t follow the same pattern for January 1 2014, which fell on Wednesday.  We could have easily replaced it with Thursday to give an extended weekend?

I believe it is high time this issue was formally addressed to avoid confusion on every occasion and bring in some uniformity.


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