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Case against Musharraf is childish

/ 2 April 2014

There are no grounds for a treason case (Musharraf indicted for treason, April 1). I’m not an ardent supporter of Gen Pervez Musharraf but this smacks of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif trying to get back at Musharraf, and it is childish.

 The country has been recording a fair five per cent growth and I think Sharif should be focussing more on the economy and the security issue than this petty time-wasting with Musharraf. Moreover, if he focusses on the welfare of the country it could give him another term in office.

Hamid, by email

• Though no supporter of Gen Pervez Musharraf, I still felt bad to see his photograph in Khaleej Times where he looks old, unwell and distressed. Unless the Nawaz Sharif government shows the courage to put on trial the other army officers and civilian government representatives who heeded his orders, the Musharraf case will look more like a score-settling business than a just trial. Musharraf too could level several charges of his own, for example, over the curious way in which he was fired when out of the country, and the government’s efforts to prevent the aircraft carrying him from landing in Pakistan.

Had it been in the US, the scores of co-passengers who were put through an emotional roller-coaster along with Musharraf when their plane ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing in India would have sued the government and won millions in damages.

Bill Grace, by email

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