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Gaza humanitarian ceasefire goes into force
UN-requested truce will allow Gazans to resupply
Israel, Hamas agree Gaza humanitarian aid truce
Israel’s campaign, now in its ninth day, has killed 220 Palestinians, with a Gaza-based human rights group saying over 80 per cent of them were civilians.
Scarred children endure third war in five years
The children of the Attar clan have lived through three wars in just over five years, each time fleeing their homes as Israel bombarded their neighbourhood in the Palestinian Gaza Strip.
Israel warns Gazans to flee as campaign intensifies
The air force also dropped flyers warning 100,000 in northeastern Gaza Strip to evacuate their homes ahead of an air campaign targeting “terror sites and operatives” in Zeitun and Shejaiya.
Kuwait may revoke citizenship of those found stoking unrest
The warning is part of an “iron fist” policy adopted by the cabinet on Monday night, following protests earlier this month over the arrest of a prominent opposition politician.
Bahrain’s top bank launches ‘Your Khaleeji Neighbour’ drive
The Kaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB), one of Bahrain’s fast growing Islamic retail banks, launched its Ramadan community campaign under the title “Your Khaleeji Neighbour”, during which the KHCB staff members visited neighbouring houses and shops to present them with Ramadan gift baskets.
Kerry warns of ‘great risks’ of more Gaza violence
Kerry said he had decided to cancel a planned trip to Egypt and return to Washington in order to give a Cairo-brokered ceasefire between Israel and Gaza time to work.
Iraqi parliament breaks deadlock to elect speaker
The legislature chose Sunni lawmaker Salim Al Jubouri as the new speaker with 194 votes on Tuesday in the 328-seat parliament.
Euphoria over job offers to nurses from Iraq dissipate
They were upbeat when two hospital groups from United Arab Emirates and one from Oman called them for interview at Trivandrum on Saturday with offers of jobs in their hospitals in India or abroad.
Kerry wants Iran to make ‘critical choices’ in N-talks
Zarif will have to come up with a deal that satisfies Iran’s hardline leaders, while Kerry is under pressure from Congress ahead of November mid-term elections not to concede too much.
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