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Fading beauties of Old Delhi
With their arched gateways, low roofways, courtyards and underground chambers, these historic buildings were once a status symbol for the elite. Not anymore. No one cares. 
Not even the government
Liking Shakira…
Columbian singer and song-writer Shakira’s life is like that of the princess in the fairy tale — things get better and better for her. The sultry Waka Waka and Hips Don’t Lie singer’s life took yet another turn when she recently became the first person to get a breath-taking 100 million likes on social networking site, Facebook, leaving behind heavy weights such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Eminem.
Slim wants senior employees to have fun
Carlos Slim certainly did not work only three days a week on his journey towards becoming the world’s second richest man but the times, they are changing and Slim is now of the opinion that it is perfectly OK for people to work three days a week.
RIP with Yahoo Ending
Yahoo Japan has recently announced a new offering which helps people post condolence messages and tributes on a memorial bulletin board in a bouquet of services aimed at end of life arrangements and provisions.
Tool to fight plagiarism
The Internet has given access to the common man to a treasure trove of information — right from magazines, newspapers, bulletins, journals to a host of scientific research papers, technical documentation, white papers and a whole set of original copyright material which can be used for constructive means by the genuine user or for copying, duplication and counterfeiting by the fake users.
Dubai cares,and it shows
A staggering four years on from the earthquake that devastated Haiti, the country is still contending with an ongoing deadly cholera outbreak and a lack of basic infrastructure. As AMANDA FISHER finds out, Dubai Cares has just concluded a three-year programme to teach a simple survival tool to the country’s youngest: hygiene.
Pay with your smart watch
Felica, which is an acronym for Felicity card from Sony, is primarily used in e-money cards.
FingerReader: Aiding the blind
Technology does not always have to be the preoccupation of ‘techies’ alone but can be interesting and interactive for any of us. Every week, Techtroniks will talk about new developments, tech czars and tech users, their favourite gadgets. Plus reviews and simply fun facts to know.
Clothes maketh a man?
Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa is no pushover for anything or anybody.
Did Mills meet Mockingbird?
Harper Lee has chosen to step out of her self-imposed, almost 5-decade long silence, to reach out to the media and deny her cooperation for an intriguing new book written by journalist-author Marja Mills, about a wonderful 18-months that she got close to the famed one-book Pulitzer awardee and her elder sister, Alice. The controversy is likely to be good for the book though as the world sits up and wonders why Lee is distancing herself from the book when she did have a friendship with the author.
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