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Sandberg Leans In to India
From the moment she landed on a book promotion tour for her new book, ‘Lean In For Graduates’, the lady got the red carpet treatment from not just the book’s publisher but from the bold, the beautiful, the wealthy and the influential.
Brazilian hero in Kerala?
God’s Own Country as Kerala is tagged, is home to the centuries old tradition of Ayurveda.
Have a safe n ‘happy’ flight…
The LED’s convey the quality of sleep that the flier is experiencing — thus, a blue LED blinking will typically signify sound, peaceful slumber while an amber or red colour will signify an anxious state of mind and hence a disturbed sleep.
The silent warriors
According to a 2013 OECD report, less than one in four women in the Middle East and North Africa seeks paid employment — and 20 per cent of those women are unemployed. AMANDA FISHER meets some of the region’s silent warriors in this battle for equality
CEO caught napping!
IT WAS LESS than two years ago that Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer was being celebrated because of her commitment to her job — she went back to work days after childbirth — but the lady is in the doghouse just now for falling asleep and missing a crucial meeting with big dog advertisers at the prestigious Cannes International Advertising Festival.
Poor little rich Clintons
Former first lady Hillary Clinton clearly does not know much about the hard choices people have to make to simply survive and keep their families afloat. In her new memoir, Hard Choices, she claims that by the time they left the White House, they were not just poor but they were in debt. Clearly, the Clinton definition of poor is not what the rest of the world knows it to be.
A scanner in my pocket
GONE ARE THE days when scanning an image would be a cumbersome task with one needing to place the image on a flatbed desktop scanner. Now, with the advancement of the technology this can be achieved by simple pocket scanners too!
Amazon launches Fire-brand
Amazon has finally launched its own smartphone, the Fire, that at its core is a hub for all things Amazon
Life logging 24 hours, 7 days a week
Imagine going on a long drive along some scenic route and having to stop to gape at the picturesque landscape and take photographs for future recollection and memory.
Life is a laugh for Kapil Sharma
He has India’s mightiest celebrities eating out of his hand or lobbying for an appearance on his show. And, he has the rare privilege of making fun of them and putting them in their place.
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