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Puppy ‘love’
Study drops hints that dogs could get jealous of each other
Style with substance
From runaways to runways, ‘ethical’ fashion is changing the lives of Africa’s poor
Middle aged Courtly Love
The only striking thing about Danielle Steel’s First Sight is the (age-wise) opening up of the romantic playing field. Other than that, the book chronicles the fall and fall of Ms Steel
Brussels sprouts get a new twist
The prospect of eating kale or Brussels sprouts might make some people gag, but a British company is hoping a hybrid mix of the two vegetables called “kalettes” will appeal to taste buds when they start to hit the broad US market this fall.
Rats for cash in the Philippines
One town’s scheme to battle the bacterial disease leptospirosis
The Selfie Schtick
Selfies- to do or not to do? turns out, Teens love vacation selfies... too much
Temple of Boom
Angkor Wat — One of the most inspired and spectacular cluster of monuments ever conceived. the temple complex in cambodia took 300,000 workers and 6,000 elephants just 35 years to build!
A Foodie Fairytale
Richard C Morais’ inspirational novel, The Hundred-Foot Journey, is a charming tale that stokes belief in the power of dreams through food
Pick up that remote!
Although enjoying something pleasurable can restore “vitality” after a draining bout of demanding work, researchers found that users of entertainment media will get less benefit if they see the activity as procrastination rather than rest.
Life after dark
Honestly, before this book, I had no reference point to Dean Koontz. The only thing I’d ever read about him was one line in Walter Kirn’s wonderful take on the life of a regular high flyer, Up in the Air (you will remember George Clooney in the movie version). It went like this — “He’s reading Dean Koontz with a squinting intensity that Koontz just doesn’t call for and must be fake.”
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