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Dublin: The City of Wordsmiths
There is so much more to the literary history of Dublin than Bloomsday
A European bear’s point of view, finally on film
From knocking over dead trees, to their fear of humans — bears are more intelligent than you may think
Too much animal protein tied to higher diabetes risk
Plant protein sources are not linked to diabetes
Book Review: Doyle’s The Woman Who Walked Into Doors
Revisiting a modern-day classic, Roddy Doyle’s The Woman Who Walked Into Doors, brings to the surface domestic abuse — and its literary manifestation
Savouring summertime in Seattle
Travel tips to make the best of what a summer in Seattle has to offer
Teenager uses Facebook to save stray dogs
Teenager takes baton from Brigitte Bardot, uses Facebook to save stray dogs
Vets turn to prosthetics to help legless pets
More than 4 million viewers that he can revel in a good romp despite lacking back legs.
Zimbabwe crocs go veggie for high fashion
Crocodiles are some of the most feared predators in Africa, ruthless reptiles renowned for tearing their prey to pieces before swallowing hunks of meat raw.
Book review: Indrajit Hazra’s Grand Delusions
City of Joy — or dying city? The one-time capital of the erstwhile Raj in India grapples various identities even as it falters to stay true to its ‘culturally-superior’ roots. Indrajit Hazra’s Grand Delusions delves into Kolkata’s schizophrenia
Fossil found with oldest-known cardiovascular system
The fossil is likely to be a consequence of sudden entombment
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