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Modi’s Madison crush
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at his best as he entralled the audience with his visionary speech in New York’s Madison Square the other day.
Negligence of Delhi zoo staff
According to the witnesses, the boy who slipped into the cage of a tiger in Delhi zoo kept suffering for up to 10 to 15 minutes but nobody rescued him. It was a long period in which the zoo staff could have saved the victim.
Keeping it clean
It’s usually this way when some guests come to visit you.
Narendra Modi’s charisma
Just could not adore more when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated in his United Nations General Assembly speech that there should be no G-4, no G-8, only G–all.
A lost childhood
The un-quenching desire to do well, to excel in academics, and to emerge a winner in the rat race of ‘too many (students) chasing too few (good universities)’ has somewhere left childhood behind.
Hope matters
There is no power stronger than that of ‘hope’ for a better life.
Unrest in Hong Kong
The Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong is generating heat and China is feeling it indirectly.
Spread of Ebola virus
More than 3,000 deaths in the last few weeks since the deadly virus was discovered is an alarming proposition.
Protests in Islamabad
It is quite strange that the international media is not doing justice while covering the political upheavals in Islamabad.
Gates’ way of charity
It is quite pleasing to see that more and more people are turning philanthropists, being inspired by Bill Gates, and giving away their fortune to humanitarian/charitable/developmental cause — a recent example is of Anil Agarwal of ‘Vedanta Resources’ who decided to donate 75 per cent of his wealth to charity.
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