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An image makeover of politics?
With film stars, bureaucrats and journalists joining the Indian election fray, there is 
a new trend in the subcontinent’s politics altogether.
Media bias for Modi?
The talk about the Modi wave across India is a bare lie. While the media is a pillar of democracy, the Indian media’s pro-Bharatiya Janata Party stand is of great concern.
New leader for Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Iyad Amin Madani, appointed as the 10th secretary-general of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), will have to ensure that the collective voice of the Muslim world is heard in global politics.
Khushwant Singh’s objectivity
As a tribute to Khushwant Singh I would like to recall his objective views on Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which he expressed in an aricle titled A messiah for our times in the The Telegraph daily in 2008.
The water ambassador
My son Sundaresh Sundaragopal, a Dubai Vth grader, decided to spread public awareness about water conservation on World Water Day. He created posters, flyers and signboards and approached more than 1,000 visitors at a busy shopping mall in Al Qusais, telling them how they could save water.
Obamacare and corporatisation of healthcare
It is indeed true that the corporatisation of healthcare is yet another scourge of unbridled capitalism (The juggernaut rolls on, March 21). We have the National Health Service in the UK and the medical insurance system in the USA as opposite examples and the best solution lies somewhere in between.
Kudos for KT for Pakistan Day special
Compliments to KT for an excellent and colourful Pakistan Day special coverage.
Khushwant Singh: Simple yet enduring
With the passing away of Khushwant Singh, India has lost an author of great perception and skill. His prose was simple but made strong points, which appealed to a wide range of readers.
Conserving water for future generations
In recent times we have seen many cases where people are deprived of basic amenities such as water. Be it cities or villages, there is not enough water for everyone. This is happening because of the over-consumption of water and wastage of water.
Sunday Bazaar of Karachi
The word bazaar came to us in the early 1580s from the Italian word bazaara. For centuries, people have used this platform to trade goods and services.
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