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Hurdles of Sharjah-Dubai commuters
After enthusiastically reading the article, ‘Metro: Convenient and time saving’, (KT, June 29), I just chuckled to realise the way some of us only think and talk for ourselves. It is imperative that we look at both the aspects.
Generous acts of Khalifa foundation
This is in response to Khalifa Foundation’s distribution of food parcels to poor families in Pakistan. At a time when we get bewildering news from all corners, this news is great relief.
Not bins, but workers should be smart
This is in response to the introduction of ‘smart garbage bins’ in Sharjah. It does not matter if the garbage bins are intelligent or not. The smartness of the working staff matters. In most of the areas of Sharjah the garbage bins are overflowing yet not attended to by the responsible personnel.
Controversy regarding moon sighting
Sighting of the moon to determine the beginning of the new Hijra month has always been subject to debate in Muslim societies, especially in modern age and time where we have all the tools at our disposal to determine the exact age of the lunar circle.
Swings after the Arab Spring
The Arab world is in full-scale counter-revolution. The chariots of fire are about to engulf the entire area, with massive global consequences. The geographical map of entire area is being forcibly changed.
Bite and taste at World Cup
Biting seems to be an enjoyable pastime among the players and spectators alike during the World Cup matches in Brazil, as we read from the news.
Sanctions on Russia
I smell desperation...but it is not emanating from Russia whose debt burden is small, whose energy and resources are vast and whose economic position is not based on over-priced paper and fake stock market valuations.
Israel’s coercion acts
According to media news, Israel has arrested more than 400 Palestinians after disappearance of three Israeli teenagers.
Rent should be based on amenities
Rent should not be based on location. Instead, it should be based on facilities/amenities provided. Houses should be divided into categories and the rent/pricing should be defined, accordingly. There should be various categories of houses like A, B, C and rent should be well defined.
Foot over-bridges needed in Capital
We need a pedestrian bridge in Abu Dhabi near Mussafah driving school. It is a nightmare to cross the road. Often one needs to take a taxi to get to the other side. There is no pedestrian crossing and people can be 
seen jaywalking.
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