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Meal donations
The initiative undertaken recently by a social worker in the UAE and a restaurant in Qatar are worth an appreciation. It is a noble gesture and many are going to benefit from this offer.
Use of petrol stations
There was a recent news item in KT forecasting a substantial increase in the number of vehicles in the capital in the coming decades and the same has to be true with all other cities in the emirates as well with the continuous increase in human population.
Catastrophe in making
The massive earthquake that rocked Nepal and the mighty Himalayas, graphically illustrates the awesome power of nature.
Sleep-deprived kids
It was very unfortunate to read of another shocking incident in which a girl child was trapped inside a school bus in Ajman.
Every child is leader
The write up ‘Every child is a leader’ (KT, April 24) to implement ‘Leader in me’ programme in the UAE is truly the need of the hour especially for the teens who go through emotional upheavals quite often.
No to racism
The ugliness of xenophobia makes us all shrink in horror, as we witness our beloved rainbow nation, imploding with satanic fury.
Migrant tragedy
It’s shocking to see migrants dying at sea on their way to Europe.
Solar-powered WiFi
It’s nice to know that Dubai is installing charging points in parks for electronic devices.
Long commute
I’m losing sleep over the long commutes to work. It’s becoming unafforable to live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and we are forced to find an apartment in Sharjah, or other emirates.
Iran’s Meddling
With the Houthis continuing their advance into different parts of Yemen, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have relaunched their strikes against the rebels.
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