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Crossing boundaries
Refugees head westwards to enjoy freedom of speech amongst other things. The delinking of science from religion, along with the practice of free speech are the only way to lead a country forward.
Health benefits of yogurt
If we do a simple study of the reason lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, pot belly, blood pressure, etc. are spreading like wildfire, we will find two reasons: lack of nourishment and lack of exercise.
Use indicators while driving, please
I think many drivers do not know how to signal their intentions whenever they wish to make a turn or change lanes.
Visa expenses in Dubai
Most expats arrive in Dubai after securing employment and don’t have to deal directly with the complicated process.
UAE in festive mood
I am on short visit from Mumbai, India, and staying in Fujairah.
The agony of rising costs
There is all around price spiral in action. Rents up, taxi fares up, Metro fares up, eating outside costs a few times more, and school fees rise every six months under some excuse or other.
Voter turnout shows belief in democratic process
This is with reference to news items on turn-out of voters in recent elections in Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand state of India (KT, November 26).
Pakistanis are sick of lawlessness
The sitting members of government in Pakistan, many of whom are accused of attacking the Supreme Court years ago, are now bent upon using the judiciary for their political objectives.
Arabic teaching in schools not up to the mark
Students have no idea what they are memorising and writing for exams.
Roger Federer, a true sportsman
When Swiss maestro Roger Federer defeated Frenchman Richard Gasquet on Sunday in the reverse Singles, he not only added a growing legacy and another feather to his coveted cap but made his country proud by giving the country a win in the Davis Cup Final it was longing for several years.
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