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Selfies’ world ruins photography
It has now become a convention to take selfies, and without that activity the cell phone seems to be good for nothing.
Wheelchair service at Sharjah book fair
This is in response to the article on free wheelchair service (KT, November 2).
Careless Driving at Clock Tower Roundabout
It is often noticed that people who negotiate a turn at the roundabout at Clock Tower, Dubai, towards Maktoum Bridge do that in a very casual manner.
The UAE Flag Day
The Flag Day on November 3 was truly an occasion to rejoice.
Hello to humanity
This letter is in reference to the attack at Wagah Border. More than 50 lives are sentenced to death. Is this humanity?
Swedish decision on Palestinian State
Muslim Ummah applauds the decision of Swedish government to recognise the State of Palestine. It is a positive and well-timed step because Israel is continuously committing gross violations in Occupied Jerusalem, frequent aggression against the Al Aqsa Mosque and expanding settlement activity.
Health concern for children
The health-focused report ‘Weighty issues about your child’s health’ (KT, November 2) was apt and timely. It remains a concern for both children and parents.
Mess in North Africa
Libya is a nation in chaos because of the Western powers and their “humanitarian intervention” policies, which was designed to expand their footprint on African territory.
Fear of failing
The opinion article ‘The freedom to fall’ (October 30) aptly depicts how human beings are always in the quest of success and how difficult it is to take failure in our stride.
Increasing air pollution
I would like to draw your attention of the concerned authorities towards increasing problem of air pollution (reference ‘Pollution at its peak’ KT, October 30).
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