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Malaysian plane mystery
This is an appeal to President Putin to intervene with the pro-Russian rebels to co-operate for the recovery of the bodies and an investigation into the ill-fated Malaysian plane, that was shot down.
Fair play on Fifa World Cup?
The Fifa World Cup is behind us and full marks to Brazil for the effort they put in organising it.
Columbia's fair play award
The Fifa World Cup is behind us and full marks to Brazil for the effort they put in organising it. But there are some things that still rankles fans of the beautiful game, one of which is the fair play award that was given to, of all countries, Columbia!
MH17: Truth and mystery
The downing of flight MH17 will have global consequences. Russian President Putin is the modern day Rasputin. One thing is certain, the truth will never emerge.
Misunderstanding on handwriting analysis
This is in response to the article that has appeared in City Times. We appreciate your interest in the area of Signature and Handwriting Analysis and the work we have done. However, there has been some misunderstanding of some basic facts and thus a misinterpretation of the science.
Gaza massacre is heartbreaking
The killing of innocent people by Israelis in Gaza is heartrending.
Crash probe on the ill-fated Malaysian plane
Russian President Vladimir Putin should get in touch with pro-Russian rebels to cooperate in the inquiry of the ill-fated Malaysian plane, which was shot down in eastern Ukraine.
Israeli terror across the region
The world has seen several episodes of Israeli terror across the region.
Advertisements: Facts or Fiction
Advertisements. A rapidly expanding winsome, yet lucrative industry.
India’s defence gambit
This is in response to the Opinion article, ‘India’s defence gambit’ (KT, July 22).
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