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A Foodie Fairytale
Richard C Morais’ inspirational novel, The Hundred-Foot Journey, is a charming tale that stokes belief in the power of dreams through food
Pick up that remote!
Although enjoying something pleasurable can restore “vitality” after a draining bout of demanding work, researchers found that users of entertainment media will get less benefit if they see the activity as procrastination rather than rest.
Life after dark
Honestly, before this book, I had no reference point to Dean Koontz. The only thing I’d ever read about him was one line in Walter Kirn’s wonderful take on the life of a regular high flyer, Up in the Air (you will remember George Clooney in the movie version). It went like this — “He’s reading Dean Koontz with a squinting intensity that Koontz just doesn’t call for and must be fake.”
T-shirt typo turns heads at Mandela bicycle ride
Some 5,000 T-shirts with the typo “The purpose of freedom is to create it for others" were made for the 35 km “Freedom Ride.
Not so blind as a bat
A European bat type can use the scatter patterns of sunlight to programme its internal compass for hunting after dark — the first mammal known to do so, researchers said this week.
Elephants crowned king of noses
Elephants have more olfactory receptors than any other species
Being Halal in Japan
The country tries to grab a bigger slice of tourism by offering Muslim-friendly food, shopping and experiences.
Carry On, Carrie
The King of Horror’s first published novel Carrie gets a new lease of life — coinciding with a rather disappointing cinematic remake. A slew of new personal insights and a compelling cover are the only add-ons to Carrie’s second coming, but the book is definitely worth a re-visit… if only to know how and why the legend of Stephen King was born in print
A dose of prescription reality
Many kids are not taking their prescribed medications, or take an incorrect dose, due to weaknesses in the chain from prescribing to filling prescriptions to administering medication, according to a new review of past studies.
Pepper, the Robot
‘Be like me!’ says wise-cracking robot, maybe the world’s first mechanical stand-up comedian
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