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GCC leaders in Saudi Arabia for meeting
UAE leaders including Mohammed bin Rashid, Gen Mohammed bin Zayed, Abdullah received at Riyadh airbase by Saudi leaders.
Qatar vows to change its ‘kafala’ labour law
The current law, which limits the rights of movement for foreign workers, would make way for legislation that was “currently under review,” said the ministry.
Netanyahu supports Obama in ISIS fight, but cautions on Iran
Israeli Prime Minister portrays the situation as a “global conflict” against militant Islam, not just ISIS and Al Qaeda but also Iran-backed Hezbollah.
US says working to confirm Peter Kassig beheading video
The same video showed the simultaneous beheadings of at least 18 men described as Syrian military personnel, the latest in a series of mass executions and other atrocities by ISIS militants.
Israel will never limit East Jerusalem settlement building: Minister
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says Israel will never accept the definition of building in Jewish neighbourhoods of Jerusalem as settlement activity.
ISIS video claims mass beheadings of Syrian regime forces
Militants march the prisoners by a wooden box of knives, each taking one as they pass, before forcing their victims to kneel in a line and decapitating them.
Bahrain minister inaugurates ‘let’s plant’ campaign
Education Minister Dr Majid bin Ali Al Nuaimi last week inaugurated “let’s plant” agricultural drive at Al Andalus Primary Girls School.
Dempsey says battle with ISIS starting to turn
Dempsey told the troops the US military had helped Iraqi and Kurdish forces “pull Iraq back from the precipice”.
Russia sees chance of deal at nuclear talks with Iran
Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said six world powers and Iran had never been so close to an agreement and it could be reached by a November 24 deadline.
Top US general in Iraq amid ISIS airstrike campaign
The visit by Army Gen. Martin Dempsey came two days after he told Congress that the United States would consider dispatching a modest number of American forces.
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