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High pollution levels hit Beijing at Golden Week’s close
A cloud of pollution descended over Beijing at the weekend, shrouding the city and its famous cultural landmarks in a thick haze amid a US warning against physical activity outdoors.
UN aviation body reaches consensus on emissions deal
The United Nations civil aviation body reached consensus on a roadmap on Thursday to create what would be a market-based scheme to help curb carbon emissions from a major industry by 2020, but rejected a European proposal that would have let it apply its own market scheme to foreign airlines in the interim.
China recycling cleanup jolts global industry
China for years has welcomed the world’s trash, creating a roaring business in recycling and livelihoods for tens of thousands. Now authorities are clamping down on an industry that has helped the rich West dispose of its waste but also added to the degradation of China’s environment.
Rhino horn poaching hits new record in South Africa
The number of rhinos killed by poachers has hit a new annual record in South Africa, raising worries of a downward population spiral in a country that is home to almost all of Africa’s rhinos.
‘Tragedy’ as endangered kiwi die in New Zealand zo
New Zealand authorities said Tuesday that eight endangered kiwi birds have died from respiratory infections while being treated at Wellington Zoo, in a loss described as “a tragedy” for conservation efforts.
Japan’s luxury fruit masters grow money on trees
With melons that sell for the price of a new car and grapes that go for more than $100 a pop, Japan is a country where perfectly-formed fruit can fetch a fortune.
Wake-up call for mankind
Scientists, environmentalists and politicians reacted with concern on Friday as a UN climate panel warned temperatures could rise by as much as 4.8 degrees Celsius this century due to man’s voracious energy consumption.
Japan’s ageing ‘ama’ divers defy tide of time
Mieko Kitai takes a huge gulp of air as she surfaces from the clear, blue waters of Japan’s Pacific coast with a large abalone in her hand.
Climate panel forecast: Higher seas, temperatures
Top scientists have a better idea of how global warming will shape the 21st century: In a new report, they predict sea levels will be much higher than previously thought and pinpoint how dangerously hot it’s likely to get.
Landmark climate change report adopted
Officials say an international conference on climate change has adopted a long-awaited report on global warming after all-night talks.
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