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Lean in to get real women
Facebook’s billionaire COO has done it again. She has set off a gaggle of voices and a strident debate about what constitutes the right things to do, when it comes to dealing with women’s issues
Janet Yellen: First Lady of finance
As Janet Yellen steers America’s economy, Sudeshna Sarkar salutes the individual in the newly appointed Fed chief
Love in the age of big data
It is the ultimate test for big data — finding the secret algorithm of love.
Ecobots: Self-sustaining robots
Technology does not always have to be the preoccupation of ‘techies’ alone but can be interesting and interactive for any of us. Every week, Techtroniks will talk about new developments, tech czars and tech users, their favourite gadgets. Plus reviews and simply fun facts to know.
Sensory Fiction: ‘Feel’ what you read
Many a time while reading a book one gets overwhelmed by the language, character cast and dialogue and is moved to a range of emotions such as fear, joy, sorrow and excitement.
The Tonight Show No More...
There was speculation that the 65-year-old might amble over to the folks at Fox to get himself a new show to host but Leno shot down the rumours
Parenting advice from mom-in-chief Michelle Obama
She might not be Tiger Mom but US First Lady Michelle Obama has made sure she is able and willing to put her nose to the grind when it comes to parenting and raising the couple’s two girls.
When a banker unearths a plot
His long drives from Abu Dhabi to Dubai gives Uday Gupt ideas — not romantic, but literary.
Satya Nadella: New CEO on the block
Satya Nadella has stepped into Steve Ballmer’s shoes but will have to measure up to Bill Gates to leave his footprints, says Sudeshna Sarkar
Pacemaker implants without surgery
Leading medical device manufacturers have developed pacemakers which are tiny enough to be implanted into the heart through blood vessels thus avoiding the need of the patient undergoing surgery and making the procedure safer and less-intrusive.
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