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George Clooney’s panic attack
Hollywood veteran George Clooney too is bending over backwards to please the beauteous Amal Alamuddin.
Calling her names
A 36-year-old Columbian school teacher has been struggling with her name for decades now with her original name but instead of whining about it she has taken action and changed it .
Ashok Jhunjhunwala: India’s professor of change
Inventor of the Aakash tablet for the Indian masses and prolific change agent in the country, Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala is a man trying to bring light to darkened India, finds SANDHYA RAVISHANKAR
Sting: Prolific and pure
Musician, singer, songwriter, producer and once, even schoolteacher, British legend Sting wears many hats. SANDHYA RAVISHANKAR unmasks the musical genius who will be performing at the Dubai Jazz festival on February 26
Homes get ‘smart’
The fully-connected home is designed to boost energy efficiency, protect against intruders and even monitor your family’s health.
Great comfort, great sound
The best thing is that even at close to full blast sound quality is not sacrificed.
No muffling this Muffler Man
India’s capital city has a new action hero. The name is Muffler Man and he will let no one and nothing keep him from saving the people of the city…
India’s high-tech chief minister
The charismatic first chief minister of a bifurcated Andhra Pradesh speaks exclusively to Khaleej Times on the challenges, trials and opportunities of leading a newborn state
Don’t take Winnie Harlow at face value
This 19-year-old is living up to her name and making a habit of winning people over not with her looks but her never-say-die spirit. Model Winnie Harlow is on her way to turning every existing rule in the fashion industry on its head
No netiquette for Argentine President
Just the other day Argentine President Cristina Fernandez was the darling of the media when the feisty lady took to her facebook account to allow guests flying on Argetina’s national airlines to fly with their tiny dogs/pets.
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