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Hamas says may have to talk directly with Israel
Hamas’s exiled deputy leader said on Thursday the group could be forced to negotiate directly with Israel, ahead of planned talks in Cairo to consolidate a truce.
World won’t allow ISIS to spread its evil: Kerry
Kerry was in Baghdad to meet Iraq’s new leaders and pledge US support for eliminating the extremist group and the threat it poses.
Kerry backs Iraqi prime minister’s push for reforms
Hopes new Iraq government will act as a bulwark against radicals
Watchdog confirms ‘systematic’ chlorine attacks in Syria
The world’s chemical watchdog on Wednesday confirmed the “systematic” use of chlorine as a weapon in Syria, according to a report by its team investigating alleged attacks there.
Syria rebel group names new chiefs after blast kills leaders
The attack targeted a meeting of around 50 military and religious leaders in the basement of a house at Ram Hamdan, northeast of Idlib city.
John Kerry arrives in Iraq for talks on joint strategy against ISIS
Iraq “will have a critical role in this effort to have a global coalition to begin to degrade and ultimately defeat” ISIS.
Global cooperation needed to defeat ISIS rebels: Experts
The ISIS is essentially an organised crime syndicate that grew out of Iraqi and US mismanagement, according to regional experts.
BCCI chairman hails King Hamad causeway project
The chairman of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Khalid Abdulrahman Al Moayyad, has lauded the economic and strategic dimensions that King Hamad Causeway project will bring in.
Iraq Prime Minister urged to fill in ministries
Iraqi lawmakers urged the country’s new prime minister on Tuesday to quickly assign the critical posts of defence and interior minister which will spearhead domestic efforts to combat the advance of extremists.
UN envoy in Libya urges militias to ceasefire
Leon told reporters after holding talks with lawmakers that the parliament is the “legitimate representative of the Libyan people.”
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