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Google sees a role in making cities smarter and vibrant
CISCO, IBM and other private companies too are trying to rebuild smart cities.
GCC will fight for unity of the Arab world
New boundaries should not be drawn along sectarian lines.
UAE proves itís Egyptís friend in progress
GCC support to Egypt didnít stem from emotions, but is based on a vision for the region.
You may not know how tired you are
We all yearn for rest. But the gravest danger is not the impact of sleep deprivation -- but the simple fact that we no longer realise how tired we are.
Long on drama, short on clarity
The only thing certain in their aftermath is that Turkey is heading into a period of uncertainty.
Turkey shows it canít be hostage to one manís ambition
The AKPís neo-liberalism might turn into a bad memory for Turkey
Why deal with Iran could be good for the Middle East
The possible regional implications of the deal are not sufficiently negative to justify opposing it
Staff weakest link in corporate security
The recently discovered Dyre Wolf campaign Ė a series of cyberattacks that stole more than $1 million from a handful of companies Ė puts a bright light on the importance of employee vigilance.
No digital fortress
UAE has invested well in electronic safeguards for its core sectors but nothing is foolproof.
Football should get a kick out of cricket to come clean
Blatter's departure will induce institutional reform, rather than merely change monarchs.
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