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Who gave Brazil the evil eye?
Can envy, jealousy, an envious look or even deliberate praise bring bad luck?
No, I don’t know!
So Sharapova doesn’t know who Tendulkar is. Big deal
The circle of ‘like’
Presenting the PGB Zen theory of social media
Pity the children
Violence against children has become an epidemic
Australia’s war against boats
Imagine the desperation of those who take life-endangering path
The absentee landlord
The anxiety in Congress right now is about survival
Payback time for Sarkozy
FORMER FRENCH president Nicholas Sarkozy’s dramatic criminal interrogation last week shows once again that the politics of the French Republic remain waist-deep in sewage.
Summer in Greece
WE’RE now into the third season of me writing this column, and that means we’re at the peak of the year. It’s summer in Greece!
Mad as a Dayak Rajah
Of the ferocious seaman reading opera in battle and mocking the ‘civilised’
In search of freedom
Be careful what you wish for cause it might just come true
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