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Irom Sharmila: Iron spirit
The recent Indian court verdict to free Irom Sharmila, who is known as the ‘Iron Lady of Manipur’, comes as a surprise as well as to find as supportive in her rights to protest.
Harmful pesticides
It is very distressing to note that despite several warnings and vigilant measures the use of lethal pesticides lead to fatal death of many repeatedly every year.
Islamabad protests
Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri’s protest campaigns in Islamabad have created a serious security crisis, and a clash with the administration seems eminent.
Bumper sales
I have been at the electronic gadgets exhibition and was surprised that consumers cannot test phones, tablets and other devices that are on sale.
Ebola fears
When the fear of Ebola is hanging over our heads, why not ban travel to all those countries impacted with the infectious disease?
Prosecute Israel
The Muslim Ummah and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) should flay the act of Israeli aggression against innocent civilians in Gaza, in which Israel pummeled infrastructure and set ablaze houses of innocent civilians.
Politics of war
Iraq finally has a new prime minister.
Imran Khan's protest in Islamabad
I have admired Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaaf party’s meteoric rise in popularity during the course of the past few years and personally been a strong supporter of the party’s agenda.
Rent increase in Sharjah
This is in response to the decision of Sharjah Municipality not to increase the rent on an annual basis.
English’s good old days
This is in response to the article, ‘The scrabble babble’ (KT, August 15). I enjoyed and laughed at its humour! One of the rare pieces written by the writer, which was humour in uncharted zone... outside the comfort of his family!
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