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I am deeply disappointed with the sparse coverage of the on-going World Chess Championship by Khaleej Times.
Old is gold
It is sad to see these seniors feel emptiness in the sunset of their lives. My suggestion to my fellow friends and brothers would be to add some “spark” in the lives of old parents and elders.
Letter to the editor
Crime and Ministers
There is no state funding of elections. Ceilings on election expenses are observed only on paper.
Use RTA transport
Using the transport systems provided by RTA is one of the ways we can do this. Following this system will also reduce stress and traffic on the roads thus reducing road accidents.
Thank you Sharjah
Sharjah Book Fair organisers need to be thanked for their wonderful service to the public and for spreading the message of a book for everyone.
Drive to support Palestinians
A Global campaign to mobilise support against the ongoing siege of Gaza and towards the liberation of Palestine is gaining momentum.
Reset temperature in Dubai buses
The bus facility is one of the best services provided in Dubai with an in-built system for convenience and access to all areas.
Mall’s practices
This is in response to the letter ‘Mall(s) practices’ (KT, November 11). Though today we have grown in all fields including education and money power still this 0.99 magic figure is the weakest point for every human and a solid weapon of the seller.
Curse on Internet
Technology has soared so much that some of it can even delude our own eyes. These advancements have been considered as a gift to humankind but it can be our bane in one way too.
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