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War of words
What is of concern here is that American airline companies are being unfair in crying foul about the so-called subsidies enjoyed by Gulf carriers.
Print matters
It is true that social media networks today bring breaking news to our smartphones but I believe that their credibility continues to be low.
Dual standard of education needs to be solved
Education is predominantly the prerogative of each individual of the world. Education is a right, like the right to have a proper meal and the right to have a home.
Need to fight against superstitions
The fact that certain events bring good or bad luck cannot be explained by reason or science is termed as a 'superstition'.
Evolution in sight
Earth's morphological features were in continuous change throughout during its long 4.54 billion years history.
Stats on women empowerment scary
If I say that women empowerment means giving power to a woman in various fields, it seems very vague because it has a deep and profound meaning, which isn’t very simple to be explained in words.
Social media opens up possibilities
Social networking is a rapidly growing, headline grabbing phenomenon. Social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and much more has broken the chains and fears of not being in contact with our loved ones.
All students are equal
Apropos to the news item on more schools, it was said that schools conduct cognitive ability test to select students.
Homework is an equipment of enhancement
Every skill needs to be sharpened for better results with higher targets. Every individual needs to be carved, shaped and smoothened by the chisel of time to be fit for the future.
Pakistan crisis
All terror groups, irrespective of what ideology they preach should be taken to task.
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