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Is school cool anymore?
The quantum of challenges which we had to put up with in our juvenile days has not changed much compared to the demands the present days’ kids get to deal with, but the form/speed/ intensity of battle have certainly changed — which, in turn, have caused more stress/strain in kids’ psyches.
Man and Nature
There is no doubt that we are in a time of chaos in the world. Wars and genocide are as prevalent as ever. The United Nations has failed to reflect the democratic aspiration of the world without being democratic itself, it talks of democratisation of the world.
Till we part
It is true that parents even in their ripe old age though in their second child hood, constantly treat their children as kids though they are adults with children of their own.
Rents in Sharjah
Hope somebody will look into this matter and make rules clear for the landlords.
Rents in Sharjah
They want to increase the rent without any consideration and the tune is up to 40 per cent raise. This is very unfortunate and the tenants have no recourse. Even appeals to municipality are at times fall on deaf ears, and the long process of wait and explain the facts is toiling.
Silence, please
When one enters a place to worship it’s a sheer common sense that you need to maintain silence. It shows respect, decency and dignity to yourself and towards others when you switch off your mobile.
Nuclear danger
The threat by Russia to use nuclear weapons, in a war against Nato must be taken seriously.
End ISIS terrorism
First it was James Folley and the video of his beheading circulating in social media without even blurring the graphics was sickening!
Rice bucket campaign
Charity begins at home.
Crisis in North Africa
The grave situation in Libya is spiralling out of control. What, is unfolding across Libya is not war in its traditional sense.
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