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Enough of cell phones
Internet is helpful enough but also harmful for most of the children.
Limits to freedom
If some of the Western writers and thinkers live in the Middle East for some time, they will appreciate the devoutness of many Muslims and their displeasure of any irreverence on religious matters.
Reading habits
It is important for us to recognise the apt use of Internet and know that technology can develop active, creative and thoughtful readers, equipped with the skill and strategies to develop and comprehend deeply.
IPL affair
They must realise that cricket is liked by millions in India and they do not care about the misappropriation of funds or a game or two being fixed.
Sound of music
It was evident from their approach that it was merely done as a promotional event to advertise their brand name.
BJPís trump card
With Kiran Bedi joining the BJP, the party will be strengthened. Her qualities will be best suited for the leaderís role and under her inspirational guidance.
Stop the gamblers
According to a news item, two Bangladeshis were arrested for using playing cards and organising a public gambling in the Naif area.
Terror in Paris
Should freedom of expression have a limit ó self-imposed or otherwise?
Uncalled for
While the gunning down of journalists belonging to the French satirical weekly Charlie Hepdo is unforgivable, the present behaviour of the magazine who have come out with more provocative cartoons is abhorable.
Viral all over
It is a scientific fact that the planet is witnessing erratic and turbulent extreme weather patterns.
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