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Yemen on the brink
It's a shame that the warring parties in Yemen cannot reach a deal. They can't even meet to find a solution to a humanitarian problem which is killing and dislocating people.
Cross-border adventures
The Indian Army recently conducted a cross-border operation in Myanmar in which it killed nearly a dozen militants thought to be involved in the massacre of 18 soldiers a week back in areas that borders Myanmar.
Destruction in Yemen
People all over the world condemn the destruction of the centuries-old heritage site described as a 'jewel' of Islamic culture in Sanaa, Yemen. The historic value and memories have been irreparably damaged.
Trashing Delhi
Blaming your political opponents and the system will get your nowhere when you cannot govern.
Passport with employer
I believe if anybody complains to the police or relevant authorities, then the employee faces the risk of losing his/her job.
Fighting Mers
It is a sad state of affairs but undoubtedly it will become the next global pandemic.
Making sense of social media
I agree with your edit which appeared on June 12 that social media is not the real thing.
The US must act
The US is half-hearted in its approach to the Middle East's problems. They are turning back and walking away as your edit said on Tuesday.
Fifa’s greedy deeds
The scandal engulfing football like a fiery inferno must lie at the doorsteps of Fifa and its corrupt hierarchy that administers it.
Impact of light
Negative feelings can rope you anytime, making your feel worried, pessimist, depressed and totally exhausted.
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