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Shun Facebook!
I am a lot happier without Facebook. It is digital information about the people you love and hate. Yet funny how a machine can change your body’s chemistry just by making you feel closer to the people who are not actually present in the room with you.
Iraq’s plight and the West
This is what happens when the West gets involved in stuff it shouldn’t. We drew up these ridiculous lines for Iraq after World War I.
Plight of refugees
The 2013 UN Report on Global Trend of Refugees published recently in Khaleej Times confirms that the number has eclipsed 50 million for the first time after 2nd World War.
Criminal neglect by parents
This is in response to the girl who died in the capital due to her parents neglect as they ‘forgot’ her in their car. The parents should be punished. Parents simply cannot say that they “forgot” their child in the car.
Dubai’s vision and Carbon footprint
Dubai’s vision for the Mall of the World is yet another example of the grand visionary of its leadership. The mall will probably surpass any development the retail world has ever seen.
Brazil must rebuild
This is with reference to Brazil’s 3-0 loss to Holland. Brazil, which was one of the finest and fearsome teams in the world of yesteryears, has been pulverised to a mediocre non-performing side.
War hysteria in Middle East
The Middle East is a burning inferno; tension has reached levels that could only lead to total war, with grim consequences for all the people who inhabit this war-torn area.
Misconception of growth
Growth? Rising market prices, stable GDP, elimination of inflation, industrialisation, expansion of educational facilities and much more to add on.
Zohra Sehgal: End of an era
The demise of veteran actor Zohra Sehgal, the old lady of Indian cinema, is an irreparable loss to the entertainment industry.
Price debate and Rahul’s sleep
I don’t understand all this hype and frenzy the media has created about Rahul Gandhi being caught napping in parliament.
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