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No netiquette for Argentine President
Just the other day Argentine President Cristina Fernandez was the darling of the media when the feisty lady took to her facebook account to allow guests flying on Argetina’s national airlines to fly with their tiny dogs/pets.
Javier Moro and the sari saga!
He wrote The Red Sari in good faith but the insults and the trashing orchestrated by Sonia Gandhi’s sycophants made him want never to come back to India. “But my relationship with India is like an old lover. I was missing it,” says the Spanish author in this freewheeling interview
Eero promises to solve your Wi-Fi woes
Now, a square, white device the size of a CD case is aiming to make Wi-Fi troubles a thing of the past.
Dreams do come true for Williams and Sharapova
The face-off between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open recently showcased not just their talent but also brought to the fore the sterling values and the philosophy of the two divas who grew up in completely different societies and cultures but were raised with the message of never giving up on one’s dreams
Designs on the First Lady
Mohapatra’s life is much like the Bollywood films that he grew up on, back in his childhood in Odissa and has a fairytale quality about it.
Freida Pinto: Dancing diva
Pinto’s performance is already shining through in the Richard Raymond film which recently opened the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and her fans are already raving about her online.
7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents!
Three Dubai athletes in ‘777 challenge’ will run 295km and raise money to help educate children of poor Bangladeshi families
Live Earth 2015
The concert’s message will attempt to unite the people of the world to call for addressing climate change. But can concerts for a cause really make a difference?
Tip: How to stop relying on only passwords
Are you banging your head against the wall trying to come up with a safe password? You are not alone. Our connected devices can easily be breached, but there are steps you can take to protect important accounts
Turn in homework by phone?
Google’s Classroom app says, ‘No problem’
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