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The Greek tragedy
The answer to those questions could start coming soon, when Eurozone finance ministers and, heads of government and bank chiefs hold an emergency summit on Greece’s debt crisis.
Dewa’s schemes in line with the Dubai Smart Initiative
According to Dewa’s statistics, the adoption of its smart services by customers helped avoid the emission of 13,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2014 alone — the equivalent of planting 66,055 trees in 124.6 football fields.
How Dubai got smarter
Dubai’s Smart City initiative aims to alter the way we look at our work and private lives.
Roof wasn’t a lone wolf
It was racism rather than lax gun controls that led to the church shootout.
Cold War 2.0 is in the making
Europe is heading towards a 1980s standoff, in which all capitals faced less than 8 minutes' warning.
We have tossed our trust away
Even as we clamour for goodwill and compassion, we are steeped in foreboding.
Tackle militancy in Africa before it gets too late
Jihadi links could in time promote the coalescing of disparate elements into a 'global caliphate'.
These moons are better than planets
There may be life on moons of Saturn and Jupiter because, as Cassini has shown, they have liquid water and heat.
To solve Ukraine crisis, let's go back to Helsinki Act
As growing instability exacerbates social tensions, radicalisation and violent extremism become increasingly likely.
Will Iran be able to protect its nuclear secrets?
The deal is a trade-off to rescue the economy and preserve the character of its nuclear programme.
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