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Sit back and relax, your flight is hacker-proof
Aircraft entertainment systems and avionics are not linked.
Jungles are another casualty of warming
Trees most vulnerable in old-growth forests across world.
Pakistan must open up about Osama killing
Silence over the Al Qaeda chief's killing only weakens the government in Islamabad, which must be more assertive as it battles terrorism.
Hersh reality of US raids
Washington pursues quarries it has helped create. No jury, no trial, just a death sentence.
Should students discard smartphones for scores?
Study shows devices are a distraction for underachievers.
India, China build business over their troubled border
Boundary disputes paving way to new economic maturity.
Obama fails to reassure partners on Iran
The US says it can help the Gulf States counter Iranís destabilising actions not by going head to head.
Globalisation and technology the great levellers
You canít stop China from growing. You canít prevent Africa from deepening its integration into the global system.
Daesh has a sugar rush to destroy ancient relics
Is Palmyra, the 2,000-year-old monument, next on the group's list?
Libya has caromed from one crisis to the next
The jigsaw of alliances that make up Libya today has split fighters broadly into two camps.
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