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Pak pop star’s travel without documents
This is with reference to Pakistan’s pop star Abrarul Haq who was detained at the Dubai airport for want of proper documents last week.
Pioneer work of Nepal’s Mahabir
I am proud to know Mahabir, who is one of the greatest people in the world today.
Crazy for stars
This is in response to the letter ‘Crazy for stars’ (KT, April 13). We must admit the fact that Bollywood stars are talented and became famous and rich because of support they enjoy from the people. But most of them never realise the reality that if the people won’t watch their movies they will not be rich and famous.
Dubai: The pearl of Gulf countries
Dubai is making progress by leaps and bounds. Dubai has become the hub of commercial activities in the Gulf. It has attracted tourists, visitors, professionals and technicians from Europe, Asia and Africa.
Stars and predictions
The opinion article on astrological predictions, ‘What the stars foretell’ (KT, April 11) brought out the attitude of many towards such predictions and was very reflective too.
Crazy for Bollywood stars
Dubai is heaven for Bollywood lover for it has become the hot destination for movie shoots, promotions, premiers and for opening of outlets as brand ambassadors. Back home we cannot imagine a chance of close encounters with the stars, unless of course if you are highly influential. Dubai gives lesser mortals like us a chance for stargazing.
Hammer attacks on UAE citizens
The attacks on the UAE citizens in London seem to be a conspiracy against the country’s liberal foreign policy and its stance on the regional issues, especially.
A cause for concern for India
A win for the Bharathiya Janata Party and Narendra Modi as the prime minister of India will herald a dark future for the country.
The Crimean gridlock
This is in response to the Opinion article, ‘The Crimean deadlock’ (KT, April 9).
Mideast talks conundrum
Among the recent US Secretaries of State, John Kerry stands out as an astute American diplomat, who commands respect across the world for being more proactive and persuasive than his predecessors were.
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