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Quality time at home
Australian team at its professional best
Cricket World Cup, just a game
Earth Hour
This Earth Hour was 
marked by another Guinness World Record attempt by 
Dubai for the largest Earth Hour Infinity Mirror measuring 7sqm.
Bollywood sensation
Akshay Kumar has created a space for himself and has proved that he is much more than just flying 
fists and high kicks.
Fine on littering
Throwing wastage on the road and streets is not only an uncivilised act but also reflects the standard of living.
Today's teens are not introvert, timid
It is true that present day teenagers are much more 'worldly wise' than their parents.
Changing jobs is now common, so are farewells
Apropos to the Opinion article Fare thee well (KT, March 27). Job-hopping is the new normal for many.
Air crashes always have a sinister explanation
We are in a desperate race to locate and resolve the mystery of flight MH370. We are now faced with another mystery of Germanwings flight 9525.
Memorable words
I was excited to read the statement published (KT, March 25) delivered by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Pakistan Day. I reproduce the extract, “It is my conviction that all outstanding issues be resolved through dialogue.”
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