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Resounding noise
Hope the RTA would consider muting the tagging sound as the opening of the gate is a very proof of the successful tagging of the card, in addition to the display of the balance and current charges, which ascertain that the check-out is done with.
Hope for future
In the world where wars and violence have dominated of late, one comes across heart warming anecdotes and incidents where young ones donate generously and respond to human misery instantly.
Threats to mankind
and floods will occasionally kill tens of thousands of people in developing countries and of greater consequences would be a massive earthquake in North America or Japan.
Break free
This is a rejoinder to Stuart Barr’s comment “ Scots are British!” (KT, September 17).
Enough is enough!
Pakistanis in and outside the country have been closely watching the chaos and sometimes messy stand-off between protesters and the government and it’s time peace is restored on the streets in the country.
Floods and fury
This is in response to the editorial (KT, September 16). When calamities like floods, tornadoes and earthquakes occur, we often hold nature solely responsible for the devastation and destruction that are caused by them.
Driving test
“Life is a journey, enjoy the ride” is fast appearing to be the most ‘deriding’ quote to me as I keep facing more and more crazy motorists.
What if....
My only concern with this spirited but chaotic Scotland referendum — which should never have been held in the first place — is what happens if the ‘Ayes’ — who seem to be the more energetic and vociferous campaigers — lose?
Oscar Pistorius’ verdict
Superstar Oscar Pistorius will know his fate on October 13th.
A close call for independence
The September 18 referendum is going to be a close call.
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