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Penning it down
The bond with the pen has weakened but many still cherish it.
This business of names
Powerful case for people to have numbers instead of names.
Neo-Ottomanism in tatters
Turkey's self-righteous grandstanding is isolating it internationally.
Barack Obama, the consequential president
Obama has done more to end inequality than he is credited for.
Murli Deora, a man for all reasons
The last of India's Tammany Hall leaders.
El Pepe's one of a kind
Mujica will long be remembered for his enviable presidency.
The dynasty question
A generation disappointed with Congress is now with Modi
Reconciliation is welcome
A patch-up between GCC and Egypt is need of the hour.
Right, Mr Khan?
I wish for a new Pakistan through a democratic process, not anarchy.
Return of geopolitics
Conflict of interests divides rather than uniting the world
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