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Heads you winÖ
The stakes are considerably higher in Afghanistan than in Indonesia
Aussies make sense, dollars
At an Aussie-US conference, more policy nuance than warmongering
Waiting for revolution!
Every vendor of revolution is promising the people a bed of roses
Singaporeís sling
A prime minister suing a hospital staffer is valued grist to the social media mill
Home is where we will return
Why most of us will go back for good to the place we all belong
The luck of the (raffle) draw
Itís been many long years and Iím still waiting to hit the jackpot!
Respect for parents
Being grateful to parents also earns heavenly rewards
Seeking the plane truth
Malaysia Airlines has attracted the attention of business obituarists
Spooky business
Will Berlin host Edward Snowden as a tit-for-tat?
Marriage in Islam
The marriage contract is the foundation stone of a family
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