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What we want? A home on land
6,000 on the high seas, 1,100 in detention camps... most of 1.1 million Rohingya are in search of a land they can call home. What’s behind Asia’s biggest rehabilitation crisis?
India is again a nation led
His hyperactive internationalism is the measure of a leader who is at home in a world of interconnected destinies.
Arab world can escape violence trap with more economic cooperation
A recent World Bank study estimates that the Greater Levant region has lost nearly $35 billion over the first three years of Syria’s civil war.
Britain resigns as a global power
After an extraordinary 300-year run, Britain has essentially resigned as a global power.
The Osama diaries
KT sifted through some of Osama bin Laden’s declassified documents to sketch his state of mind.
Time for a more muscular GCC diplomacy
Saudi attempts to counter Iran went awry when the US, in late 2013, decided to actively engage with Iran on the nuclear issue.
Stiletto agony and the sole survivor
I have a friend who, each time she travels, packs a separate suitcase for her shoes.
Narendra Modi has a long way to go for greatness
It is a year since Narendra Modi led the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to an overwhelming electoral victory in the world’s second most populous country and largest democracy, India.
Can Pakistan cricket pitch it up against terrorism?
It was a day after my birthday, and I remember it as clearly as yesterday. On March 3, 2009, in Lahore, 12 gunmen attacked the convoy of the visiting Sri Lankan cricket team en route to the Gaddafi Stadium.
Syrian journalists dodge sniper bullets for bylines
Scenes of carnage – of schools destroyed, and hospitals and bread lines targeted – are now the daily fare of a war that has claimed at least 220,000 lives.
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