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Americans urged to stop wasting food
The typical American family of four, could save $1,600 a year by reducing their food waste.
Your guide to winter skincare
Celebrity dermatologist Kiran Lohia shares a few tips
Tough jobs may protect memory
The study found that people who held jobs with higher levels of complexity with data and people, such as management and teaching, had better scores on memory and thinking tests.
Rely on your parents when it comes to shopping
The study suggests that older shoppers use an additional brain area to recollect details about competing consumer products and choose the better one.
Social status more strongly inherited than height
Social status is consistently passed down among families over multiple generations - in fact, it is even more strongly inherited than height, the findings showed.
Do smartphone apps help you lose weight?
Researchers analysed the weight loss progress of 212 primary care patients in the US for six months.
Calorie-restricting diets slow ageing
Having diets with fewer calories may help you delay ageing and age-related disorders such as memory loss, finds new research.
Dangers of snacking on fruits
Fruits might be a better option for your physique, they may damage your teeth.
Selfie-photo app to follow up fitness regime
The app seeks to help users lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as detect health risks.
How cleanliness begets honesty
On the other hand, feelings of disgust can increase behaviours like lying and cheating, the findings showed.
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