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Junk food kills craving for balanced diet
Excessive consumption of junk food can change behaviour, weaken self-control and lead to over-eating.
Add coconut in diet for healthy you
Coconut can help in curing various medical problems.
How high altitude affects blood pressure
The findings have implications not only for the people engaged in skiing and trekking at high altitudes, but also for people at lower altitudes who may be temporarily deprived of an adequate oxygen supply - a condition known as hypoxia.
Too much make-up not good for youngsters: Expert
Girls as young as 12 years old are afraid to leave their home without wearing a full face of make-up, new research has revealed.
Red is the new black at Emmys, a night of sleek silhouettes
Red, often a risky choice as it can disappear into the color of the carpet, was the favored tone for stars such as “Veep” nominee Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a column halter Carolina Herrera and “Homeland” star Claire Danes in a vermillion embellished Givenchy dress.
Adopt healthy habits to maintain youthful looks
Growing older means becoming settled in career and personal life, but it also takes away our youthful looks.
Pomegranate peel may cure deadly brain disorders
Two years of research by a Nigerian scientist has shown that sufferers of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease could be helped by punicalagin, a compound extracted from pomegranates.
Good night’s sleep key to learn new skills
New research has provided great insights into the role of sleep in learning motor skills requiring new movement sequences.
Are you suffering from smartphone-loss anxiety disorder?
If you consistently live in the denial mode of losing your smartphone, remember that once it happens, you are the one at a greater risk of developing smartphone-loss anxiety disorder.
Cold water, nuts: Secret to healthy life
Start your day with cold water, nuts and stretching exercises to stay in the pink of health, says an expert.
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