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Obama’s deal
The article, ‘Obama leads the world to India’ (KT, January 27) makes an interesting reading.
Of free speech
In his opinion piece, “Islamophobia’s grip?” (KT, January 25), the writer seemingly comes down hard on the Manichean stand that the Western world adopts in matters of free speech and religious tolerance.
Alien creatures?
The recording of a possible alien signal by scientists is an amazing scientific feat.
The DSF gold rush
I couldn’t hold back any longer with all the exciting things happening around me and I decided that if I can’t beat them, I better join them in the DSF gold rush!
Five-day week
The two days off would certainly control the turnover of important employees.
Crisis-ridden world
There are only two views of history, one that everything happens by accident and two, everything occurs by design. The former view is held by the ignorant, the second is held by the wise.
Turmoil in region
The civil wars for power and endurance are apparently affecting the young generation, wherein women and children become the most affected.
DSF goals
The popularity of the festival shows the growth and support for this festival from people.
Hostels for bachelors
Build special hostels for women and men separately and leasing procedures should be communicated through proper channels
Nigeria’s conundrum
These include, ethnic and religious milieu, lack of strategic mineral wealth, coming elections in Nigeria and governance issues.
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