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Driving test
“Life is a journey, enjoy the ride” is fast appearing to be the most ‘deriding’ quote to me as I keep facing more and more crazy motorists.
What if....
My only concern with this spirited but chaotic Scotland referendum — which should never have been held in the first place — is what happens if the ‘Ayes’ — who seem to be the more energetic and vociferous campaigers — lose?
Oscar Pistorius’ verdict
Superstar Oscar Pistorius will know his fate on October 13th.
A close call for independence
The September 18 referendum is going to be a close call.
Scots are British!
With reference to the letter from P. M. Nazeer, Dubai, please note that Scotland is not a small territory that has “often been at loggerheads with the British”
Have gun will kill in America
The pro-gun lobby in America have no problems with allowing boys and girls as young as 7, 8, or 9 being taught to handle a gun — even an Uzi that can spew 1,000 bullets a second!
Use/abuse of BCC
I think that the use of BCC option in any e-mail correspondence should be controlled /restricted.
The ISIS barbarians
The new criminal and inhuman act of the so called ISIS is chilling, appalling and barbaric. One more innocent human being is mercilessly killed.
Greener measures that help
Recently I came from India to visit my son.
Vitamin D deficiency issue
The vitamin D epidemic is overblown!
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