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‘Quran and Hadith guide humanity to the truth’

Ahmed Shaaban / 5 August 2012

Quran and Hadith, the two authentic and infallible sources of Islamic teachings, are strong enough to give perfect answers and guide humanity to the truth while accepted scientific equations are undergoing major changes.

This was affirmed by popular scholar M.M. Akbar in his lecture delivered as part of the five-lecture programme for foreign residents of the 16th session of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award, on Friday night at the Reform and Social Guidance Society at Al Qusais.

In his one-hour speech titled, ‘Prophet’s sayings (Ahadith, plural of Hadith) and modern science’, the prominent preacher said that just like the Quran, the formidable and miraculous source which stood up in the face of scientifically proven facts and proclaimed its sovereignty, are the Ahadith, the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), which are an interpretation of the Holy Quran.

Sheikh Akbar indicated that research shows that the sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) can never be dubbed unscientific. “If the authentic sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) are examined through the lenses of modern science, it will be clear that they are impeccable and are uttered only as per divine inspiration.”

Sheikh Akbar narrated a Hadith (prophetic saying) in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said ‘when the husband’s substance (chromosomes and genes) prevails upon the female’s, it is the male child that is created by Allah’s Decree, and vice versa.’     

“This has been scientifically proven by the latest studies on ovulation and genetic sex determination.” Giving another example, Sheikh Akbar said the Prophet (PBUH) was reported as saying ‘If the mother’s substance was dominant, the child would have behavioural influence of the maternal uncles and if the father’s substance was dominant, the child would have the behavioural influence of the paternal uncles.

“This is proved true by the latest studies in genomics.”

Sheikh Akbar said the modern embryology certifies that the Hadith in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said the sex determination takes place when the embryo is 40-45 days old, is scientifically true.  “Recent scientific findings about organogenesis endorse another Hadith stating that the major organs like eyes and ears are formed 42 days after the embryo is formed.”

“All these facts are evidence of the reliability of the sayings of the unfailing and infallible intellectual supremacy of Islamic sources. The life in the light of them would lead human beings to eternal truth and success,” Sheikh Akbar added.



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