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Emirati spends Dh50,000 on decorating house

Amanda Fisher / 23 November 2012

The man who says he is the countryís proudest citizen wants to invite His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to a party on the upcoming National Day so he can personally witness the manís devotion to his country, stamped all over his house.

Abbas Al Baloushi estimates he will spend the not so insubstantial sum of more than Dh50,000 on decking up his house out in national colours, including about 165 painted, cardboard, and cloth flags.

“Every day I want this party, not once a year, every day I’m happy for this. I want every day to be National Day.”

Khaleej TimesThe Al Quoz Street house, which has been steadily accruing decorations since the beginning of the month, is now in its second year of celebrating National Day, though prior to that Al Baloushi said he used to decorate the hotel apartment he owns.

“The whole world loves Shaikh Mohammed and the President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. They’re good men, they give us everything, everything ... for the local people, all the Indian people, (everyone).”

The house, which had about four professionals as well as Al Baloushi working on it, is already attracting attention, with as many as 700 cars stopping by to take photos over the past month, he said.

The green, red, black and white house is hard to miss, with its various thematically-coloured lights in front of the house, which stands proudly in a neighbourhood where both the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab are visible landmarks.

National Day is the Dubai-born businessman’s favourite holiday, over every other religious holidays, he said.

Khaleej Times“National Day is good for me (it makes me) too happy. I’m happy (during Eid) but this is about the Emirates.”

He would celebrate the actual day by throwing a big party for up to 85 families and friends from each of the seven emirates, with food and music — and he has a special invite to Shaikh Mohammed, or any other ruler.

“Any people from the Government should come to see my house. I want (Shaikh Mohammed) to see what we’re doing here ... I love my country and I love my home.”

The 43-year-old, who is two years older than his country, said he had seen an epic rate of change in the UAE. “Everyday changes, change going up not down. I have seen the metro, the Burj Khalifa. Tomorrow I go to sleep and I wake up, this is new, this is new.”

Al Baloushi said he was proud to be an Emirati because the country’s rulers put the money back into the country, not into overseas countries.

Khaleej Times“I want (Dubai) bigger and bigger. In 41 years, same as New York, same as America.” Further decorations include an elaborate lighting system, as well as the faces of the Rulers of the seven emirates painted.

“I love the emirates, I’m local, I love my Shaikhs, Shaikh Khalifa, Shaikh Mohammed, all of the Shaikhs.”

Al Baloushi’s twin 16-year-old daughters and 13-year-old son said the passion was entirely their father’s, though they shared his patriotic spirit. “We are proud, too much,” Noora Al Baloushi said.

She hoped the decorations would get bigger and more elaborate, until one day it is “like the Burj Khalifa”.

Her father said the decorations would remain for up to 20 days after the National Day, only to return next year.



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