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Kerala to launch ‘Great Backwaters’ campaign

T K Devasia / 25 October 2013

Kerala Tourism is set to launch a new global campaign to catapult the state’s majestic backwaters stretching from one end of the state to the other into the league of the Grand Canyon and the Great Wall of China as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Voted ahead of the Taj Mahal in a National Geographic Traveller survey of top Indian tourism destinations, the backwaters of Kerala are to be unveiled as a self-contained experience in the new campaign shot using advanced aerial photography techniques.

State Tourism Secretary Biman Billa said the backwaters comprising 44 rivers and a network of canals and lakes with floating markets, houseboats, snake boat races or a whole way of life that thrives around water is a miracle of nature that will captivate the world,

The idea of “Great Backwaters” originated from “fascinating waterworld experience” narrated by the visitors to Kerala, who discovered life and culture in all its different, interesting forms at play in this vast, self-sustaining world.

The aerial perspective of the campaign was particularly chosen to capture the planet-like largeness and the diversity of life in the backwaters. The three key geographical features of the backwaters — islands, river networks and lakes — will be highlighted in the campaign through aerial photography.

The 25-member crew which shot across the backwaters was led by renowned aerial photographer Ville MJ Hyvonen from Finland and Shelton Pinheiro, Creative Director, Stark Communications. Hyvonen’s team has carried out aerial photography projects in several international destinations, including the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America earlier.

A high profile ad blitz in the national and international media as well as the social network are the highlights of the ‘Great Backwaters’ campaign that will have its inaugural run later this month.


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