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Smart Ball: The Recon Camera

Prashant Vadgaonkar / 1 June 2013

An American-based start-up has conceptualised a new ball shaped camera device which is designed to be tossed into hazardous and dangerous conditions and it dutifully relays back images wirelessly to a tablet or smartphone device.

Bounce Imaging, is a Boston based hardware start-up founded by Francisco Aguilar and Dave Young who met as graduate students at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

The spherical structure, Smart Ball, is positioned to be a perfect companion to a host of professionals such as firefighters, policemen, soldiers, wild life enthusiasts and the like. The device is easy to handle and operate and is a remote reconnaissance and surveillance tool which once tossed in tricky situations can be beam images without endangering the lives of the professionals on the job!

Smart Ball weighs around a pound including the battery. It comprises of six wide-angle cameras enclosed by an infrared LED flash. The entire assembly has an external sheath which is designed to ensure that the Smart Ball bounces and does not get rumpled or destructed by forceful impact.

The company hopes to sell the devices for about $500. Many US Police departments and SWAT units including MIT’s own Police Department have shown keen interest in checking out Smart Ball, Co-Founder Aguilar says.

Bounce imaging was chosen by Popular Science for the Invention of 2013 award was also felicitated by Time Magazine.


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