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Zuckerberg Zurkered!

By Prashant Vadgaonkar / 30 June 2012

Donít get mad, get even and the Winklevoss twins, who helped Mark Zukerberg ideate Facebook as a 
concept, are back and bent on giving 
him his just desserts and also make
some money in the bargain

WE DON’T know why we keep coming back to this man so frequently in this column but Mark Zukerberg’s life is such a fascinating journey with its ups and downs that we can’t seem to help it. It might also be the fact that his name symbolises success in generation Z and is a sure shot way of catching this generation’s attention. Whatever it is, Mark Zuckerberg’s friends turned enemies, the folk who co-founded Facebook before it became humungous, has decided to give him his just desserts and also make some money in the bargain.

The Winklevoss twins, Zukerberg’s pals from Harvard, who helped him ideate Facebook as a concept, have gone and set up Zurker.com, a new social network that is currently a hit on blogs and forums. The twins, who pocketed a cool $650 million by Zuckerberg to vacate their claim on his successful venture, is now enticing potential users of the website with the promise of a stake in the company the moment they sign on and bring in other users to the site. The twins have been smarting about the fact that they themselves got only millions from what they created while Zuckerberg is now a billionaire many times over. The path-breaking marketing plank might well pull in users from Facebook, thousands of who are unhappy with the frequent intrusions into their private space  by Facebook. Besides, Zurker.com is holding out a promise of creating many wealthy people instead of just creating a few billionaire techies and in this recessionary age, who does not want money?

Here are some key elements which make this site absolutely unique — Members are Owners for free — One has to simply sign up at Zurker.com and become a member. Thereafter once you invite your friends to the site and you get one vShare for every referral. In this way, you become a share owner for free!

Vshares: One can invest their own money to buy more vShares (these are “virtual shares” that can become real shares when Zurker becomes a corporation). One can also buy a limited number of vShares if you want shares right away else you are expected to “earn” them by referring your contacts. Zurker is offering the sale of 1,000,000 vShares means that ownership of 1 vShare is equivalent of having a one millionth part of Zurker. Post allocation of 1,000,000 vShares, Zurker will be incorporated as a public company and these vShares will be upgraded to real shares.

Open book accounting: Zurker claims to provide a straight forward and candid accounting system to show the users and the world, what and how the site has gained, and what it’s spent on etc. In other words, an open book accounting policy for its member community ensuring complete transparency in dealings.

Zurker bluntly states that it will refuse any form of venture capitalist funding and dreams to become the most ideal people’s platform on the web which will be owned, grown and developed by it’s member community. All investment will come strictly from its members!

Zurker seems like a great novel project created by a few “enthusiasts” against corporate greed and failed social networking offered by the competition that control’s user’s data, accounts, and privacy.

The Zurker project started in 2009 and the beta version for the same was launched December 2011. Since then, there has been widespread speculation and interest in the new start-up and it has only continued to grow dramatically. The network is currently in beta testing and memberships are open only by invitation but the website currently shows some 249,565 people have already signed up as users. -




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