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School wise CBSE toppers for the UAE

28 May 2012

Dubai Schools

Indian High School, Dubai

Science topper - Vivek Venkatraman (97%) and Anurag Singh (96.4%)

Commerce topper - Hensel Frank Henry (96.8%) and Naina Vijay Mathur (96.4%)

Humanities topper - Shivani Jawa (95%) and Haniya Khan (94%)


Our Own High School, Al Warqa’a, Dubai

Science topper - Sunaal Philip Mathew and Jerry Abraham (96%)

Commerce topper - Govind Mohandas (94.8%)


Delhi Private School, Dubai

Science toppers - Charu Debnath (93.8%) and Arushi Unni (93.2%)

Commerce toppers - Pramitha Ramachandran (96.4%) and Soumya Baweja (93.8%)


Our Own Indian School, Dubai

Science toppers - Jenny Jacob (96%) and Puthanveedu Gopika (95.2%)

Commerce toppers - Jerril Joy (95.6%) and Anita Theresa Antony (95.2%)


The Central School, Dubai

Science toppers - Humrya Tasneem (95%)

Commerce toppers - Souganthika Sridhar (95%)


Our Own English High School, Dubai

Science toppers - Sarada Ganesan (96.2%) and Syeda Mudabbera Fatima (96%)

Commerce toppers - Amritha Menon (95.8%) and Harini Chandrasekar (95.8%)

Humanities toppers - Vaishali Vinod (95.2%) and Jaweria Hanif (93.4%)


Gulf Indian High School, Dubai

Science toppers - Akash Shah (96%) and Soorya James (91%)

Commerce toppers - Alifya Kutbuddin (90%) and Mohammed Nihal (90%)


Sharjah Schools


Emirates National School, Sharjah

Science toppers - Anu Rameshan (97.2%) and Minhaj Ahammed (95.2%)

Commerce toppers - Sneha Gurbaxani (91.4%) and Alifya Poonawala (91%)


New Indian Model School, Sharjah

Science topper - Sabeeya Safirin (91.6%) and Abdus Samee (90.2%)

Commerce Topper - Rajalakshmi Ganesan (85.6%) and Arthi Ajaykumar (85.4%)


Our Own English High School, Sharjah

Science toppers - Nimish George Jacob (97%) and Akhil Ravindran (96.4%)

Commerce toppers - Shan Shajahan (95.6%) and Stalin Irwin (94.2%)


Delhi Private School, Sharjah

Science topper - Ananth Srinivas Subramanian (98.2%) and Bhavya Chadalavada (95.6%)

Commerce topper - Kush Wadehra (95.8%) and Sanjana Gupta (95.4%)


Abu Dhabi Schools


Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi

Science Topper - Homagni Ghosh (96.6%) and Christin David Bose (96.6%)

Commerce Topper - Alisha Arif Shaikh (96.6%) and Shreeshail P Chitnis (95.2%)

Sunrise English Private School, Abu Dhabi

Science toppers - Salimah Hasnah (95.6%) and Mariyam Kohsy (95%)

Commerce toppers - Sharanya Jayaprakash (91%) and Anjali Ann Abraham (90.8%)

Fujairah Schools

Our Own English High School, Fujairah

Science toppers - Akanksha Sinha (96.2%) and Zaheer Ahamed Shabir Ahamed (93.6%)

Commerce toppers - Lubna Niyaz Ahmad (95.2%) and Hasna Muhamed Ashraf (94.6%) 

UAE Toppers


Science Stream

Ananth Srinivas Subramanian (98.2%) from Delhi Private School, Sharjah

Anu Rameshan (97.2%) from Emirates National School, Sharjah

 Commerce Stream

Hensel Frank Henry (96.8%) from Indian High School, Dubai

Alisha Arif Shaikh (96.6%) from Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi

Humanities Stream

Vaishali Vinod (95.2%) from Our Own English High School, Dubai

Shivani Jawa (95%) from Indian High School, Dubai

*Results are based on information received from various schools

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