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Nordic walking strives to shed a stodgy image
Malin Svensson a Swedish-born athlete, fitness coach and author of the book “Nordic Walking,” has been teaching it in America since 2002.
Live near a beach to boost physical activity
Examining the degree of exercise people get through leisure activities as well as simply getting around, the study has shown that visiting the coast, rather than just living near it, is crucial in stimulating physical activity.
Fall fashion trends for plus-size women
Go for robe coats and plaid patterns to get the plus-size fashion just right.
Ways for men to look taller, leaner
The right look can have long lasting effect on your personality.
Grapefruit juice might help in weight loss
The grapefruit juice lowered blood glucose to the same degree as metformin.
Is the smartphone your better half?
Most people check their mobile phones on an average of 1,500 times a week.
Sandwich eaters have a higher energy intake
Those who consumed a sandwich on the survey day took in, on average, around 300 kilo-calories more than those who did not report eating a sandwich.
Great leaders are actually made not born
Past research suggests that leadership is 30 per cent genetic and 70 percent a result of lessons learned through life experiences.
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