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Company offers ‘green’ cars on rent

Lily B. Libo-on / 1 November 2011

DUBAI - Green cars in Dubai are expected to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 52 to 85 per cent and save cost by more than half of what driving a petrol-powered car will incur.

AlToukhi Investment Company is going to rent out a fleet of 50 hybrid and fully electric cars, making it the first company in the region to deal with luxurious and commercial electric and hybrid cars. Its business inspiration is anchored on the desire to share with people how to be environment-friendly and, at the same time, how to ride in style and still be profitable.

Mazen AlToukhi, managing director of Green car Rental-Dubai, told Khaleej Times that a green car can reduce carbon footprint by three tonnes annually, and if all car rental companies make green cars 10 per cent of their fleet now, Dubai or, for that matter, the UAE will lower their carbon emissions by tens of thousands of tonnes.

AlToukhi said if all car rental companies in the region adopt this technology, the benefits of a much-reduced carbon dioxide (Co2) level can be experienced in the Middle East five years from now. “Driving 36,000 kilometres in a petrol-powered car produces around 6.8 metric tonnes of Co2, while a hybrid car emits only half of that or about 3.7 metric tonnes of Co2 over the same distance. Electric cars emit nothing as it runs 100 per cent by electricity. Even when you take its manufacturing into account, you will reduce your carbon footprint by 53 per cent.”

Hybrid cars are powered by a combination of petrol and electricity, while electric cars run on electricity alone, without combustion engine and pollution because it has zero carbon emission. “Hybrid cars use electricity from zero to 80 kilometres (speed) and uses petrol from 80 kilometres up to the maximum (speed), but as it is running with petrol, petrol recharges its electricity,” he said.

A Solar Recharging Station using solar energy has been set up on Shaikh Zayed Road near Financial Centre Metro Station for electric car users, but Al Toukhi said that electric cars can also be recharged easily at home, at malls and in schools. It is about just plugging the cable of the car battery into any regular socket, then unplug it and enjoy the ride in style.

Several electric and hybrid makers in the USA and Europe are offering to supply AlToukhi and make it their distributor in the Middle East. He said that this new unique fleet of cars would easily catch the attention of residents because it will give them big savings. “A motorist will spend Dh8,500 to drive a petrol-powered car for 36,000 kilometres. But, in a  hybrid car, he will spend only Dh3,200 or he makes a saving of Dh5,300 or 63 per cent. An electric car will help the motorist save Dh7,250 as driving it for the same distance only costs him Dh1,250.”


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