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Zakat Al 
Fitr fixed 
at Dh15 

(Wam) / 23 May 2011

DUBAI - The Charity Organisations Directorate at the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charity Works in Dubai has fixed the amount of Zakat Al Fitr for this year at Dh15.

Zakat Al Fitr is an obligatory charity incumbent on every Muslim individual, including the newborn at the end of the month of Ramadan.

It is different from the 2.5 per cent annual or seasonal obligatory due levied on the wealth and possessions of a matured Muslim individual, including men and women.

The amount has been evaluated as a guidance to the charity organisations which begin collection of alms beforehand in order to facilitate its easy distribution among the poor and needy before the Eid.

Taking into account the currency values at different points of time, the Islamic authorities can fix the amount of Zakat abiding by the rules mentioned in the text of the Holy Quran and the prophetic tradition.

The Islamic Affairs Department, in consultation with scholars, also decided this year’s Iftar amount per head at Dh10, which means that a person who is willing to bear the cost of the poor persons’ meal for Iftar should calculate the amount on the basis of this.

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